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    Post Install Paranoid Android

    format data,then restart
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    Post New easy way to root ALL Samsung devices 100%

    if no oem in developer option than you have to wait for 7 days .
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    Post [twrp 3.3.0][Samsung M10] twrp recovery for samsung m10 (sm-m105f/ds)

    what is the password for twrp? When in boot to the system it ask for password.
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    Post New easy way to root ALL Samsung devices 100%

    if you need any help with it,I can help you. What I'm looking for is twrp working for M105G,because with M105F is also working but during boot it ask for password,even if i format data in twrp.
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    Post New easy way to root ALL Samsung devices 100%

    There is more supported devices besides samsung that will work just look at the website above If there is no device model supported in the list,just tell me an will add it.
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    Thread New easy way to root ALL Samsung devices 100%

    Hello everyone Here is new method to root all Samsung devices,twrp not needed. First you need to download EFTSU tool: Then you need file from this website where you can find for your device and download it ...
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    Post sm-m105G

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    Thread sm-m105G

    Hello everyone, Can someone make twrp for this model please? Twrp for sm-m105f is not working in sm-m105g,need password when booting in system even after format data in twrp.
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    Post Doogee Mix 2

    I just see lots of "zero" answers here on Android Builders Collective so the chances to make custom kernel and GSI for Doogee mix 2 here are "ZERO".
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    Thread Doogee Mix 2

    Hello Devs, I just want to ask is it possible to make custom kernel for this phone so the gsi custom rom,because there is only stock nougat firmware. The phone is just great with good perfomance but the only lack is nougat. There is twrp already made so the only problem is to make custom kernel...
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    Post Dooggee Mix 2

    hello,any update about custom rom?
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    Post Development ROM for Doogee Mix 2

    no problem,it would be nice to develop an gsi android 10 rom or custom.
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    Post Doogee Mix 2

    what os will be?
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    Post Doogee Mix 2

    thanks a lot
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    Post Doogee Mix 2

    It would be great to make an gsi or custom rom for this phone. We have twrp already and magisk is also working great but android 7 :(