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    Post Charging port became loose

    Sorry for the ignorance but the problem is not component related? Does another cable make a difference in use? I have about 3 different cables that in other devices do not have any kind of error, but in nokia, is always the same, failure after failure. I do not want to generate confusion, just...
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    Post Charging port became loose

    Hello, I have 6.1plus Mine presents the same problem, I already ordered a new piece, but by reports here from the forum, the problem is chronic and will soon return. Is there no way to make the piece tougher? there must be a way to make it more durable,
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    Post Nokia X6, now 6.1 plus with SKUID CN, still on 8.1... shall I try Pie?, I did it with my nokia and it was 100% safe.
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    Post Unlock Bands is already possible

    Yes, it runs on 4g, but in bands like b5 and b3, but these are not standard here in Brazil, the network with the largest coverage is b7 that runs at 2600mhz, So it fluctuates a lot between bands and often loses the signal altogether I've changed a lot in these settings, but it doesn't solve 100%
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0][Dragon] LineageOS 16.0 [2019/10/08]

    Thanks for keeping the project alive, rom is very fluid and with great battery management, However, some factors do not change, such as: The malfunction info massage at the end of boot, is there any way to get this message out? There is a bug with whatsapp camera access when reading QRCode from...
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    Post Network eror in gsi rom

    did you install the vendor? I already installed ressuretion and pixel dust, but I didn't have this problem
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    Post [12/09/19][kernel] FENIX [4.4.191][HMP][EAS][Pie/10][CLANG][OC ]

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    Post [12/09/19][kernel] FENIX [4.4.191][HMP][EAS][Pie/10][CLANG][OC ]

    How can I test this ROM on nokia 6.1 plus? Could you explain the installation process? I got curious
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    Thread BootLoader Information

    Is there any way to remove unlocked bootloader information from startup? Thnks!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0][Dragon] LineageOS 16.0 [2019/10/08]

    Thanks for working on this ROM, very fluid and stable for my use, no bugs, very good battery consumption. Best ROM for our X6.1 About PixelRom is also on the same level as this ROM, but in my opinion, much like STOCK, maybe a resurection or crdroid, would be a good choice to keep up. Also...