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  • Hey, I was wondering if your Plain Jane rom has all the fixes that you implemented on leak V3 rooted? Would there be any reason to stay on your v3? Also which "stock" rooted rom would you recommend to someone (Plain Jane has OC but I don't think it has Apps2SD which I would like to try).
    jcase, if i do this, will this happen? or will that happen? hahaha... glad to be a part of the cool crowd on your message board. AndIRC FTW!
    Yay im on jcase's message board. and btw, i liked your icon as lexusbrian better than the troll.
    I have a buddy who wants root, and he's still on 2.1 leak V1, so if you still need a tester for your new method, I can probably hook it all up Saturday evening. Just let me know :)
    when will people get this through there head...you devs are not going to withhold info on a leak root...so then people should just sit back shut up and pat you guys on the back...im sick of ignorant people not reading forums. i have read countless forums and eventually gave up....all i want to say to you and the devs is good job thanks for the hard work. and all the people who treat you like **** because they are impatient **** them. without u guys people dont get we wouldnt have root PERIOD.
    Hey, Jcase, how's it going? I'm just trying to resolve the biggest headache of mine, and your, life. In big bold red, it says, " NOT FOR LEAK USERS!" I have the 2.1 leaked (Non Root), I think, and I'm just making sure that the TYPO you discussed was that the title should have read, "FOR LEAK USERS ONLY," and not, "NOT FOR LEAK USERS ONLY!" Could you just bless us with a little clarification please! Thanks!
    if i have leaked 2.1 on my phone how to i go to root 2.1. i wanna be able to install customs roms when we get them.
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