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    Post [App][Widget][4.1+] LaunchBoard: best app drawer replacement

    Thanks, devthrob. Appreciate the update. :good:
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    Post [HOW-TO] Install Google Play Store (Fire OS 5.X) (No Root/PC/ADB)

    I forgot to mention that I downloaded the newest version of the APK. When you click on the OP (1st thread)'s link of each APK, the 3rd (Google Play Services) & 4th (Google Play Store) tells you there is a newer version. I used the newer version. For the 3rd & 4th, , . If you download the APKs...
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    Post [HOW-TO] Install Google Play Store (Fire OS 5.X) (No Root/PC/ADB)

    First, thanks to OP, I successfully installed Google Play on my new Fire tablet. I also have the same tab, and I updated it to the latest OS while I was following the instruction in 1st thread to download the APKs. I upload the APK to my OneDrive. I installed OneDrive from Amazon App...
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    Post LG G3 micro USB port

    Found my answer here: [Q] USB charging port
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    Post [Q] USB charging port

    thank you sharing your experiences I got a D851 (G3 T-Mobile model) from ebay. I kept thinking it's the cable I used. I don't have this issue on other devices. I am so glad you sharing all the info here. I was thinking about exchanging it after trying different cables and all does the same...
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    Thread LG G3 micro USB port

    Hi I got a used demo D851 (LG G3 for T-Mobile) on ebay. I love it! It's fast, big & beautiful. When I first charge it, I noticed the USB port is a bit difficult to insert the cable. Yes, I know the micro USB is directional. I thought it might be a cable issue. After using it on different...
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    Post 64gb-128gb micro SD cards. Deals, reviews, suggestions and discussion.

    SanDisk Ultra 128GB @ Amazon for $59.99 shipped Not the lowest. It's decent price for those want it now.
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    Post Pantech Flex P8010

    Getting from ebay does not require a Windows PC. :p The best is to see if your friend is willing to lend you his/her PC for like five minutes. Get everything you need prepared ahead of time helps a lot.
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    Post Pantech Flex P8010

    You need to use a Windows PC or laptop. ;)
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    Post Pantech Flex P8010

    post # 13 has the details & the program to unlock. post # 17 has some tips to use the program. Good luck :highfive:
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    Post Pantech Flex P8010

    Don't worry about that. ;) Switch to the tab named "Pantech Calc." To find your phone's IMEI # go to [ Settings -> About phone -> Status ]. For Burst (P9070) & Flex (P8010), select P9050 Laser from the Model. Enter your IMEI #. Click on Calc Codes to generate the unlock code. Reboot your phone...
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    Post Pantech Flex P8010

    Thanks Reyk!! It works great! :highfive::good::cool::victory::D I downloaded the RAR file, follow your instruction (choose P9050), find my IMEI # (Settings -> About phone -> Status), enter the IMEI, generate the unlock code, reboot my phone, enter the unlock code. A few minutes later, my phone...