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    Post smartphone screen suffering from artifacts in dark secnes (macroblocking)

    Yes, I think the screen is just allowing you to see more of the compression losses in the video.
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    Thread Touch screen problems? Maybe actually proximity sensor (which is terrible).

    One of the touch screen issues I sometimes experience is when swipes are "broken" and register as shorter swipes and taps. This makes me think maybe the accidental touch protection, which is supposed to be triggered by the proximity sensor, is being triggered when it shouldn't. We all have read...
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    Post AOD issue after update to Android 11

    Do you mean that the AOD doesn't change its position every time the minute changes anymore? I just watched mine for a while and it definitely moves, but not very much. The battery icon is also close to the FP sensor, and it also moves. They probably just wanted the changes to be less noticeable.
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    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    I can now say the unresponsive/skipping issue is not fixed for me. It's hard for me to even say it happens less often. Seems to be able to not occur for days, and then it will happen anywhere from 1-3 times per day for 1-3 days and then I don't see it for a while again. I do not have the...
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    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    I tried the touch screen test a couple of times after getting Android 11. None of the N-shaped patterns anymore. Too early to tell if the unresponsiveness or "skipping" problems are gone though.
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    Post Question for S20 FE owners using Prime Video and/or Plex

    Prime video also just goes to the edge of the cutout. Unless I go into Android settings and force full screen for Prime. Then it goes all the way to the bezel. Plex does not appear to do that. It appears there are multiple ways an app can go full screen because I have seen games that extend...
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    Post Fingerprint Scanner is disappointing slow

    I am coming from the LG G6 with the fingerprint sensor in the power button on the rear. I really prefer that setup because you can use it by feel, and it was really quick (could have my phone unlocked before having it out of my pocket, if I wanted). But I find the S20 FE just fine. A tad slower...
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    Post Proximity Sensor Issue

    I noticed the AOD stays on in my pocket as well. I thought maybe it was by design that way, even though it makes no sense. Have not had a single pocket wakeup though. It does seem that the proximity sensor (which is really the camera) doesn't work especially well though, from reports of people...
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    Post Anyone experiencing touch issues?

    I've been getting ghost touch issues (where things just go crazy, not just a random touch) about once a day since the second day. Sometimes I have to reboot to make it stop. It seems to most often (but not always) start happening if I am in a game and I swipe in from the edge to see the status...
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    Post Front camera hole-punch

    Yes, I don't understand why they put that chrome ring around the camera. I would think they want to make the cutout less noticeable, not more. But it turns out to be one of those things that is more annoying in principle than in reality. As Moxie3000 said, the ring itself is not too noticeable...
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    Post LG G6 fingerprint option gone

    Try squeezing the phone a bit in the area between the power button and cameras. I've heard multiple reports of this working. Seems to be a not-so-great physical connection to the sensor. The newer software may be more picky about it.
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    Post LG G6 Moisture Detection Fix!!

    So, yesterday I cleaned the usb port out with contact cleaner. This initially seemed to fix my problem: when I powered on my phone I did not get the moisture warning so I plugged in the charger and it fast charged, but only for about 15 minutes before giving me the warning again. It would toggle...
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    Post Disabling Moisture sensor?

    Turning this setting off did not make any difference for me and I've seen other reports of that as well. Someone said you can kill off "LG System Services" - yeah, that stops the notification, but for me still doesn't let the phone charge. The first time this happened a couple days ago I was...
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    Post LG G6 Moisture Detection Fix!!

    Interesting approach in light of what seems to be an increasingly common problem. Of course, it brings up some questions. Most importantly, we don't know for sure what is causing the warning to be activated. It is there for a purpose and if you really have some conductivity between pins that...