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    Thread Widevine L3 support

    Any way to add widevine to the M10 2nd gen?
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    Thread Alexa variant M10 to Google Assistant

    I recently got the 2nd gen M10 with echo show built in and dock. I don't use Alexa and actually have it disabled and with that the dock is just a big charger. Does anyone know if I can flash the Google Assistant, so that it has the Google UI when docked. Hoping there is a way to get the dock...
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    Thread Simple current ROM

    What would be the best ROM to use that is as close to stock as possible but running android 7.1 or 8.1 etc. I don't want or need any mods or custom features, just simple stable with maybe root.
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    Post any launcher work on new 4k firestick ?

    Which boot app starter are you using and where did you get the ATV leanback launcher apk?
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    Thread build custom rom

    how would one start build a custom rom preferably running Android 7 or higher, i have an old s905 box running android 5.1.1 and was hoping to bring it up to date as best i can.
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    Thread How to add security patches to old rom?

    I have an old Android TV box that i re purposed but its running an Android 5.1.1 and so was wondering if there is a way to add at least the most up to date security patch for 5.1.1. I'm not use wifi or bluetooth so don't need to worry about those security issues from 2017. This box is 99% used...
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    Post [APP][2.2+][05 Oct. - V2.4] BetterBatteryStats

    Need some help determining the wake up's on my Sony Android TV. The TV constantly wakes up from deep sleep as explained here. I setup everything according to this, seems like the app has proper permissions when I checked the logs but do not see any partial wakelock sleeves, definitely can see...
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    Post [App][4.0+] Amaze File Manager (Material theme)

    Does this support smb 2.0? I have disabled smb 1.0 on all my devices.
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    Thread Android Wear Cloud Sync

    Just wondering what data is synced to the cloud? I understand it syncs WiFi passwords and Hangouts which makes sense. But what about: SMS Phone Calls Facebook Email (not gmail) Other apps I don't want all my notifications syncing to the GOOGLE cloud and its not clear how this works exactly...
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    Thread Android 6.0 and Recovery

    So I flashed the factory 6.0 image from Google and noticed I can't get into the stock recovery, I just get the android logo with exclamation mark. When I flash TWRP using fastboot TWRP works with no problems. I just use TWRP to root and like to restore stock recovery. Anyone know what I'm...
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    Post [PAUSED PROJECT][ROM][6.0.1][TW][DarkWolf_FW S7E+Note UX][V8.5.MM][25/06/2016]

    Ahh okay, I did notice the log said to use with darklord kernel but I didn't want to and when everything started crashing I just reflashed. Also can you link the kernel, i can't seem to find 1.5 for android 6.0.1
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    Post [PAUSED PROJECT][ROM][6.0.1][TW][DarkWolf_FW S7E+Note UX][V8.5.MM][25/06/2016]

    Did you install the same zip I linked too and are you using a different kernel?
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    Post [PAUSED PROJECT][ROM][6.0.1][TW][DarkWolf_FW S7E+Note UX][V8.5.MM][25/06/2016]

    Yup it messed up the rom, booted but everything fc's
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    Post [PAUSED PROJECT][ROM][6.0.1][TW][DarkWolf_FW S7E+Note UX][V8.5.MM][25/06/2016]

    This how i installed it coming from 100% stock 5.0: 1) Using Odin, flashed stock DOH1 ROM to make sure I had proper bootloader etc 2) After reboot factory wipe using stock recovery and wipe cache 3) Let it boot so you can copy firmware zip to internal memory 4) Go into Download mode and flash...
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    Post [PAUSED PROJECT][ROM][6.0.1][TW][DarkWolf_FW S7E+Note UX][V8.5.MM][25/06/2016]

    Anyone try the SMS fix from the sound of music 6.0.1 ROM Thread? Under the mod section. https://mega.nz/#F!YIZnHbwa!54qoSbWJlQGC94QkDbwvjQ