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    Post [ROM][unlocked]Lineage-16.0 [08 FEB 2021]

    D*mn... Tried my forgotten thor, rooted on 13.3.1. 0, but unused for 6years now. Failed to boot to twrp (stuck on grey logo). Tried with twrp 3.5.0_9-0 and -1 by using flashify. Is there any other way to boot Into twrp?
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    Thread Dismantling fuze/raphael

    Hi there, Today, I swapped my lcd one my fuze/raphael. Unfortunately, I forgot to reinstall a small, golden metal piece. I can not remember where this small item is missed but as a matter of fact my device won't start our even charge. is someone able to give me a hint? I enclosed a...
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    Post New LCD+digitizer problem

    BTW, i also intend to change the lcd + digitizer... my question is: how to apply the digitzier? lcd and digitizer came separated - do i have to solder/glue or whatever the flex (of lcd & digi.)? The original was something like sticked together... reminds me on sellotape aka Scotch Tape. Can...
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    Post Ormet ROM Diamond(23568) 6.5.5\6.5.3 |ITA-WWE-FRA-GER| 03\8\'10| ★Sense 2.5.2012/2.1★

    Thanks for this rom. but, how to change time and timezone? everytime it quotes "not enough program memory" is there any solution?
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    Post [Q] Artemis (MDA3C) dead - only red light

    Danke für den Hinweis. Gibt's eine Quelle zu dem Tip? An welcher Stelle müsste man am Mainboard direkt ansetzen? Akku ist OK und geladen.. danke und gruss!!
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    Thread Replacing Digitizer von Touch Pro MDA Version

    Hi there, i have a T-Mobile MDA Version of HTC's Touch Pro (T7272). My question... is the spare digitizer from the HTC Touch Pro identical like the one for the MDA Compact IV Vario? I have to replace the digitizer, it broke some time ago. It still works like a charm, but due to the crack, i...
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    Post [APP]Remote Control App - v0.9.2 (Updated: 24.12.2010)

    Nice to hear on the possibility to lauch programms with the user action feature. i wasn't aware of it. I'll give it a try. but thank's for your app, i like it!
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    Post [ROM][5-5-2010][WWE ±PER/ARA,ITA,DEU] Lightning: WM6.5 COM5 23568.5.5.0, UC [Online]

    Really nice rom, i like it! unfortunately, bluetooth isn't working. is there any solution?
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    Post [APP]Remote Control App - v0.9.2 (Updated: 24.12.2010)

    yeah, quite nice application! i like it.. i use it on several qvga devices with server running on xp and win7. works fine and stable at least with xp. may i ask for some features? Especially for Winamp control. i'd like to have: - smaller buttons (to get everything on one screen without...
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    Post [Q] Artemis (MDA3C) dead - only red light

    Thanks for your advice, but the device doesn't reset. No soft- or hardreset. it's just dead except for a red glowing led, as quoted in the first post. I need further assistance, no hint on doing a soft or hardreset;)
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    Post [Q] Artemis (MDA3C) dead - only red light

    I'd like to do so, but the device doesn't start or boot the bootloader - even with a new battery
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    Thread [Q] Artemis (MDA3C) dead - only red light

    Can anyone please help me? I own an artemis aka MDA3C (T-Mobile, GER) and it won't turn on. no responce from the device, except for a constantly flashing red led when connecting to wall charger or any mini-usb cable. it doesn't turn orange or green, I won't turn on nor even load the...
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    Post [ROM][WWE/GER][HarryCaine v1.7 - WM 6.5.5 - 23569] 06/01/2010 updated

    I supposed the same (low memory), but i can't reproduce ist, as i use Hibernate everytime memory reaches at least 16mb. The funny thing is, i don't use any phone pocket/case for 5 days now. Nothings freezes, everything fine. Once i put the phone in my case it freezes in standby mode within one...
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    Post [ROM][WWE/GER][HarryCaine v1.7 - WM 6.5.5 - 23569] 06/01/2010 updated

    Yes, i did... without using the outlook todayplugin or spbdiary no problem. But i like to have my appointments on the todayscreen
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    Post [ROM][WWE/GER][HarryCaine v1.7 - WM 6.5.5 - 23569] 06/01/2010 updated

    HHm, i have the very same problem. the phone does not wake up from standby. It happens about 2 times per day. all i found out is that i can reproduce this problem by using a (calender) today plugin (tried with standard outlook plugin and spbdiary) AND activating the keylock (translated from...