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  • Didn't want to clutter up the forums and Im certainly no dev so following everything you guys are writing the development forums is a bit tricky for me but would like to say thanks for working so hard on the rooting the X10 to make it possible for guys like me. Cheers
    Hi i have been using your roms for the x1 ever since you started but lets face it the x1 is getting pretty old now... and i want a new phone and the only appealing phone is the X10! i see you have started to **** roms there too! now i am just wondering would it be possible to put wp7 on it later on??? im not really digging android... just wondering and thx for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello,i'm from romania and now i have an xperia x2,can you please explain me how to do hard reset,because i did it from the start/settings/system and didn't worked.Thank you !
    Big fan of you has written:
    "Khaste nabashi" which is Persian and is a collocation, which means ありがとうございます
    ... or in plain English thank you for your effort :D
    Hey jerpelea, I have energyROM sense 2.5 and I was wondering if your X1 bios splash that replaces the SE logo works on this ROM. Also, I do not know how to install this, as I see a ROM update utility .exe and a lot of other things. I don't want to change my ROM or anything, but I am assuming that the .exe just updates it/replaces the default SE logo with your bios flash one bootup?
    Hi Jerpelea,

    Thank you for all the pains that you take in making your ROM's. I really love your work. I wanted to check, if you have made any ROM based on 6.5.3? I would really love to see your angle in making one!!!
    plz if u can provide mediafire link...
    from the day one i tried ur every version to dwnload but not successful..
    i appreciate ur work...
    and thanks for kitchhen..
    Hi boss, I saw you have updated a new ROM..." 18-1-2010 X2 Rom UPLOADED - FINAL R7A-012"...
    I have been following your ROM all the times but lately your updating is quite a bit frequently...
    From the log I could see there's not too much change from last final 008...Is there any essential changing? Why this ROM didn't named as final 009...?
    I would really like to try every ROM you cooked...They are awesome...
    I saw a screenshot of a Xperia ROM, made by you, and the operator was VODAFONE RO. So, is there a ROM with romanian language in menu?

    Thank you.
    dude i downloaded this Topaz Kitchen WM6.5 OEM2.06 for my touch diamond 2 after completing the RUU my phone is refusing to start up can u pls help
    Hi Pal
    Using ur fantastic kitchen and wm 6.5 on my niki.Can u plz guide me how can i use other build in ur kitchen.I want to change the SYS.can u tell me how to replace SYS with a SYS which i use in ervius kitchen.As ervius kitchen's SYS contain dpi,and do I use it boss?
    Plzzzzzz guide me Sir.
    ur response will be highly appreciated
    please tell me how to use ur kitchen? its a 329 file and i dont know what to do with this. have i just wastd time downloading it? plz help
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