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  • Excuse me,can u tell me whats the "wwe"."NL"and so on?and what are the differences between kitchen and OEM ROM?thank you very much!!!
    i have updated my ro to r3aa
    what do you think the best rom is?
    last valkyrie or last energy rom?
    Hi Jerpelea,

    Just wanted to say a special thank you for posting the 6.5 rom and kitchen in the Polaris forums. Its a credit to, and in keeping with the spirit of the xda community when developers unselfishly develop for devices they do not themselves own. :)

    Best Wishes

    Morning Jerpelea,

    Can you help me with some install issue? I've managed to update to Regular....Plain ole 6.5 with many applications from a 6.1 Windows, but it won't start, it freeze up to the Sony Ericsson logo. After update shall take out the battery, as I can't restart otherwise.


    Hows the new version of the Hero Magic rom looking? I'm available to test tonight but need to download before 5.30 ideally.
    mY spjas IS dead,
    please say.
    where you found this KITCHEN WM 6.5 BETA (Build 21198)
    I cannot downgrade or upgrade.
    OS is locked, didnt start.
    RUU Update cannot see phone, cannot update...

    Only one custom RUU update see phone and than say : INVALID VENDER ID.

    Im locked. I cannot update SUPED CID because phone cannot start.
    I cannot update phone because CID locked.
    And i dont know what your rom CID,

    You must help me. I use your rom and locked.

    Where are you!?? what is CID, how i change cid, how i update phone....
    hi jerpelea
    can you please upload a "beta" kitchen of build 21275 (X1) as soon as possible?
    i wanna try / test / learn cooking with this build. If you wont make it accessible for everyone, please upload it for me and other testers (your decision). i wont release it anywhere. until i got a working build, many others already released some roms.. :) What can you say after investigating this rom? stable? Battery Icon solved (position and no reaction)?? I already cooked with build 21234 but i want this new build.. Thanks and best regards. Greetings from Switzerland.
    hey,jerpelea...i cant download the warcraft wvga ...i think there is some problem with the megaupload....can please send the file to my email? [email protected] ....thanks very much for your game and u are a great developer! cheersss ^^
    Hi jerpelea,
    Thanks for replying on my thread.
    I've tracked down your kitchen but I am not sure which version I must use.
    I see PL/ESN/IT <- am I in the right thread?
    I am not sure which of these contain Korean Language.
    Also.. could you explain a bit more on how to do these?
    I mean, do I just use the Kitchen to cook up a ROM or do I need to do something before hand?
    Please help..
    I´m from Germany and I wan´t to know what to do to get WM 6.1 on my HTC BREEZE!
    I read a lot of it in this forum, but I still don´t know what to do first and last, where I can get the right ROM.
    My HTC BREEZE say this when I press the ON and the Camera Key: BREE100 IPL-0.90 BREE100 SPL-2.05.
    Can you help me, please?
    My english is not the best but I hope you understand my question.
    Thank you for yours ROM. I haven't knowledge for cooking my ROM. When I find any problem, i will send it to you. I finish to report to you about missing applications.
    Thank Jivo
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