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    Post [Closed] Don't reply - please go to the official one

    Would this work on devices with MCU that starts with sf0
  2. jesbun11

    Thread [CLOSED]Firmware

    Mod edit: @jesbun11 Thread closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/firmware.4350969/ Please review the XDA Forum Rules with special emphasis on rule no. 5 and post only ONCE! Thanks for your cooperation. If you want to add more information, just edit the already existing...
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    Thread Firmware

    Can someone direct me to the different typ of firmware available for this device. I have try three thus far and all of them are basically the same except for the launcher which is very crappy and limited with editing features. Also I'm not getting the panel color to change, the options is there...
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    Post [ROM][PX5][S32F0][9.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 MCU S32F0 RK3368 with Android 9

    Looking for firmware for rk33688 mus starting with sf0 px5 processor. Can anyone assist