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  • You have made my G1 much more than a phone ... it's become so much fun learning about all the different things this phone is actually capable of. Having some basic knowledge of Linux, once I got your RC33 version, I've now been able to play ... endlessly ... and try so many different things with this phone. It's become a toy. With Nandroid and Fastboot, I feel I can safely (somewhat), experiment a bit without great fear of totally bricking this thing. Knock on wood, I've always been able to get back to get back to my RC33 Nanroid backups, putting me right back where I started, if I try one of the many hacks and upgrades made available here on XDA. While I appreciate everyone else's attempt at bringing Cupcake to us as early as possible ... I eagerly await your version. I know you'll come up with the best of all possibilities. Thanks for the past, thanks for the future.
    Hi, i know you are very good with G1, may be you can help :)
    I just got the new G1 phone and try to connect it to the computer. I downgraded it to RC29, got adb and usb drivers, and try to bypass Gmail account activation (no data plan). When i connect G1 to the computer (WinXP sp3), it comes as the "HTC Android Phone USB Device". If i force "Add New Hardware" and install SDK USB drivers, i just got the message "The following hardware was installed: Android Sooner ADB Testing Interface. The software for this device is now installed, but may not work correctly. Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware (Code 37)". In the Device Manager new item appears with yellow mark (under ADB Interface) "Android Sooner ADB Testing Interface". And adb doesn't see G1. May be i need to enable "Device debugging" to make G1 visible to PC? But settings are not available...
    hi i have the jf updater for my root wonderin if i should be expecting some goodies, i heard somthing about after easter and i am straight up DH bro i se you tryk
    Thank you for your excellent root versions! Don't need anything just wanted to thanks you for donating your great programming skills to the idea of open source architecture/apps.
    thank you for all your prog. but recent i have a problem with tethering same times work well and same time just i can't tethering at all just say at log
    loading wlan.ko module...insmod:init_module '/system/lib/modules/wlan.ko' (no such device) failed

    please i need help!!!!!!

    [email protected]
    hello i have a couple of Q i have done everything to the point were i am puting in cat /sdcard/recovery_testkeys.img > recovery.img and then it gives me a error that says no such file or directory tryed it 4 time what should i do thanks for reading JesusFreke
    Thanks for all your help. I guess I should start this message by saying that I am NOT an expert in computers or computer lingo.

    However I need some urgent help with the G1. I am trying to bypass the registration screen because I need to access Wi-Fi to be able to do it. Unfortunately, I dont really understand the lingo and instructions you posted on the site.

    Also, I cant get a hold of anyone with a t-mobile sim card.

    I urgently need help! I am seriously willing to give you some earnings $ if you can help me do this stepf by step over the phone.

    Would it be possible to get in contact with you over the phone? I would pay you, as I am in urgent need to get this thing working.

    Thanks in advance

    I truly appreciate all the work you've done for our fellow G1 users and i managed to install the first few updates, mainly because there were step by step instructions. I would truly truly appreciate it if you would send me step by step instructions on how to install the newest updates. I have the American t-mobile phone and i am currently using your 1.31 update. Please help me out! Thank you for your time bro!
    Thanks for all of your hard work. You have made my G1 experience OVER the top and helped this device to it's real potential. I have had a couple of Iphone snobs try to talk about how limited my phone was until I showed them what it could do when using your updates and other programs!

    I promised to send you some money last December and ran onto some hard times. I didn't forget about you! Can you tell me where to send it now?!
    FYI, I was able to create new folders on my sdcard and using "Linda", copied and pasted all media into each folder; alarms, notifications, and ringtones. By doing this I got most of my sounds back!

    Thanks for everything, keep up the good work!!! FYI, I see a donation in your future...
    Hi Jesus,

    I'm noobie to all this, but don't get me wrong, I'm also a A+, MCP, for Windows and not at all familiar with Linux and I know you are! I'm also good with DOS, so I know command prompts!

    I'm running your version of RC33 full and I just update to the "Fade to Blue" theme, just that reading the option at the
    bottom of "All Dream Theme" thread, I decided to use the first option:

    "busybox cp -a /system/media /system/sd
    rm -r /system/media
    ln -s /system/sd/media /system/media"

    So that I won't run into any problems, but after the update, I noticed that the Alert, Notification, and touch tones were all gone, so my question is what is the command prompts to reverse what was done.
    I noticed that by using file manager "Linda" all the sound, are in /system/sd
    Hi man,
    I'm Italian. You are my last beach! (an Italian phrase that mean that you are my last hope)

    I'll try to explain my problem in english.

    I have unlocked with code my G1 yesterday. All ok. I connect to my WiFi and enjoy with the phone but It alert me with many class error and force the quit of many application.
    I have the RC30 official. I try to update manually, but the update stop at 80% and the phone don't reboot on Android.
    Then, this morning I try to downgrade at RC29, but at 100% the phone alert me with message
    Update Terminated

    Now the phone don't show more the android logo when I bootup and start ONLY on Bootloader.

    Have I definitively brick my phone??? Can I launch outdoor???

    PLS Answer me quickly, i'm crying...

    My MSN Contact: [email protected]
    My Gmail contact: [email protected]

    thank you...
    JF, you've taken my G1 to the next level and i'm constently waiting for new upgrades you put out there. You're an inspiration. Can you refer a layman terminology book that i can read to begin understand the language?
    After updating to jf1.42 none of the apps that are built in with autroatet works. Not even the browser.right now I'm typing landscape while the screen is in closed keyboard mode.
    Hello JF

    I am a newbie at this. I installed sdk and download usb driver already. what happen is the phone just pick up the existed driver automatically. I didn't even get the prompt to select driver for new hardware at all. I have tried uninstalled and plug the phone in after that. it still pick the wrong driver. Is there anything that you can help. Thank you very much
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