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Recent content by jgariano

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    Thread Disabling standby/sleep entirely for Tasker AutoRemote

    Short version: Is there a way, with or without root, to completely disable standby/sleep mode on an Android tablet? Long version: I have a Pixel C tablet (running Android 7.1). I've written a set of Tasker profiles and tasks that wait for IFTTT Maker messages via AutoRemote and then act on...
  2. J

    Thread [Q] Problem with Mount Command

    I have a rooted T-Mobile Nexus S. In order to get the Google video app working, I needed to change the name of the "su" app to "mu". I did that by going into root explorer, telling it to make /system readable & writeable, and then renaming "su" to "mu". That worked, but now I want to go back...
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    Thread [Q] Un-rooting the Nexus S

    I have a T-Mobile Nexus S that I rooted a while back so that I could use Google video chat over 3G. I understand that non-rooted handsets can now do this. I also understand that the upcoming Google movie rental app will not work on rooted phones. Given these two things, I'd like to "un-root"...
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    Post [Q] Cyanogen and 2.3.4 GTalk Video Chat

    How's the stability of 7.0.2? Any significant bugs? Also, I see that 7.0.3 is now in the list of stable builds -- were there be any reason for me not to flash that instead of 7.0.2?
  5. J

    Post [Q] Cyanogen and 2.3.4 GTalk Video Chat

    I tried tango and fring, but neither of them work with the desktop browser version of google talk video chat. We've got the whole extended family on gtalk vc, so in order for video chat on the phone to be value added, it has to work with that. Thanks though.
  6. J

    Post Gtalk video chat requires wifi for T-Mobile users?

    I also got it to work, and it works great. Had to root my phone, and I ended up copying the database file to my computer and back through the sdcard using root explorer, and using sqlite3 on the computer (I couldn't get the adb commands to work for me). But all's well that ends well.
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    Thread [Q] Cyanogen and 2.3.4 GTalk Video Chat

    My wife uses an unrooted G2. She likes using Google Talk video chat on her computer. She would love to be able to use it on her phone, even without a front facing camera. I've read elsewhere that Cyanogen has started incorporating 2.3.4 and Video Chat into the nightly builds for the G2. I'm...
  8. J

    Post Nexus s 2.3.4 root

    I have a i9020T Nexus S running 2.3.4, and I'm also considering rooting for the first time. If I root, will that in any way effect my ability to receive future updates (e.g. I won't get OTAs from google, etc)? Note that I'm not planning on installing a custom ROM, I'm just planning on rooting...
  9. J

    Post Gtalk video chat requires wifi for T-Mobile users?

    Pardon the noob questions here... Can someone provide a little more instruction on how to enter these commands into my Nexus S? Do you have to be rooted? I'm not rooted, but would be willing to root to enable 2.3.4 video chat over T-Mobile USA 3G. Also, how do you go about getting to the...