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Recent content by jimmipp

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    Thread Dell 3000 2 in 1 Chromebook

    Good Afternoon I have at home waiting for me a new Chromebook , since ordering it i have been at odds with myself over the spec , my main concern being the processor - Celeron N3060 i believe. I have used windows for years and have also used tablets since i got my hands on a galaxy tab back in...
  2. J

    Post Battery drain problem

    Many thanks :)
  3. J

    Post Battery drain problem

    Changed from a Huawei P10 to s7 Hi All Just wanted to check if this is normal as i have just come from the p10 ... The P10 seemed very good at deep sleep meaning that once unplugged at 100 % I would look at my phone after a few hours and it would usually still be 100 %. I have a fitbit...
  4. J

    Thread [Q] Firmware finder

    Hi all I have a branded vodafone (UK) p10 .. wondered if the firmware finder app would work ? not able to download until later so would appreciate any input. Many thanks
  5. J

    Thread [Q] Unlock Vodafone p10

    Hi All Apologies as this have probably come up loads but i can't get the "reassurance" i need to do it. Basically i am the proud owner of the p10 via vodfone uk ... i am looking at maybe unlocking the phone (I know this can be done) but the outcome i want is for it to essentially be stock or...
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    Post [Q] Nougat update UK (wifi version)

    Ok great thanks for confirming. i almost went for the galaxytab s2 again (my wife swindled me out of my old one ! :) ) but glad i didn't - this one runs better on 6.0 than the s2 on 7.0 i noticed.
  7. J

    Thread [Q] Nougat update UK (wifi version)

    Hi All Hoping you can help as i am struggling to understand how this all works with this manufacturer. I got this tablet yesterday and love it so far ... upon starting the tablet i was greeted with an update notification that i initially figured was for 7.0 - turns out this was a patch for...
  8. J

    Post H955AR / H955 / H959 / F510S/L/K Marshmallow kdz

    Just double checking ... Hi All Can i flash this on unbranded (provided its the H955 as that's the model i have ) ? or am i better off using the one from the other thread + MODS? Sorry new to the gflex 2 Thanks
  9. J

    Post [Q] K1 tablet battery

    Anyone ? Battery drain Just need to know if the update is safe ? Can't find anything when I search online.
  10. J

    Thread [Q] K1 tablet battery

    Hi all Is it safe to update to marshmallow ? Have one of these arriving tomorrow... Many thanks
  11. J

    Thread K1 Shield battery

    Hi All Have one of these arriving tomorrow - would you be kind enough to confirm if the battery power bug is fixed in marshmallow now or shall i keep it on the OS it comes with. Many thanks
  12. J

    Thread [Q] yoga 2 830 UI stutter on lollipop

    Hi all Has anyone got a fix for the slight ui stutter that seems to happen on nova and apex (and most launchers) ? is only a little but enough to annoy me :( have tried turning on GPU rendering , disabling hardware interface and loads of different launchers. Its only a small issue for an...