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  • how can I repair my htc imei IMEI IS 000004440000


    hello all I need help as repair damaged imei htc Kaiser imei is 000044000000

    this is advanced thanks
    i know warez isnt allowed here and i just posted some games in the "good games for kaiser thread".. i didnt post any links or serials.. but i did invite people to PM me if they wanted to..

    is that okay?

    i ask because i dont want to get banned or in trouble..
    zdskdidhsl78 keeps spamming the kaiser rom development forum with ads to buy electronics hes already started 3 new threads that i know of

    Thank you for your opinion. The Guidelines for the Kaiser Section were not invented by me solely and for no reason.

    The reasons most Kaiser Mods discourage this type of thread, is these threads not only can create hard feelings between chefs but has been known to lead to all out flame wars

    If you want to know peoples personal opinions on ROM, you are more than welcome to ask these questions in the ROM thread.

    Also, the Kaiser forum is very active and placing peoples opinions of ROMs in the ROM Thread, where the chef can see and respond to such opinions, is more helpful to the community at large.

    This guideline was not created to stop person opinions and speech. But to lead to a better organized Forum Section.


    Jimmy McGee
    Can I just comment that closing this thread...

    ...is simply ridiculous. As the owner/moderator of a large internet forum myself, my moderators and I actively encourage discussion and the airing of personal views - if someone asks an opinion, you expect responses based on personal opinion, otherwise what is the point of a forum?!!?

    Absolutely ridiculous, bad moderation, pathetic infact, very disappointed...

    Regards, Ashley Hall
    Hey can we get an android sub-forum under the kaiser section, please? We've outgrown the single thread thing we have going on right now.
    HI I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM WITH MY HTC TILT AND I AM REALLY FUSTRATED. First of all, everything was working fine, i even got a hang of downloading plug ins but sync putting it in the appli folder. however, one of the plug ins was a customize for the home screen and it kept making my device restart. i had to hard reset because nothing else would work. now everything restarted but it wont let me add programs. it deleted the folder in which i was able to put applications to download on my device.
    My response to being called "Elitest":

    First, regarding my avatar. It is simply an image i came across some time ago which i found amusing. For a long time before that, i had one that had a stick figure with the words "too sexy for 3D", and before that i had a penguin that looked innocent that said something to the effect "don't let this picture fool you, if you get too close i WILL hurt you". They are meant to be a joke.

    As for Jimmy's "fascist" policy on posting. I will say that to be completely honest, nobody cares about what you or any of your 12 post buddies think of the XDA policies. I am not saying this to be rude, but to communicate a point. This site is for people to learn and help develop roms and software. What is not is a place for people who are not interested in really learning anything or people looking for free tech support. The people you get your help from spend a LOT of time coming up with the solutions to these problems. If you're not interested in LEARNING and CONTRIBUTING then you are NOT the target audience of this site, and rather a lucky beneficiary.

    Before you and so many others start accusing us of being elitists you need to consider two things. First, until people have read the wiki, read the first 10 posts of a thread, and ACTUALLY searched the forum (which now uses google) then they do not even deserve to have their post acknowledged. Second, almost universally anyone who argues with Jimmy, AllTheWay, P1Tater, Alex, Shogunmark, or any of the other Mods that frequent the Kaiser forum has not even bothered to read the forum rules, or have simply decided that if they don't like the rules then they don't apply to them. If you don't like the rules then don't use the site, it's as simple as that.

    We are all volunteers here and give our free time to help others. If you don't want to put the time into learning about your deviced then don't modify it. Only do what AT&T tech support is PAID to do to help you.

    You come to the forum, contibute nothing, take whatever you want, and then call US fascists and elitest. All we expect is that people FOLLOW THE RULES which we didn't even design.
    Mr. McGee,
    I read your comments re: posting.
    I have to tell you that your published statement is quite fascist.
    I have spent HOURS using the search function only to find dozens of entries that are not related; Or, MORE typically, I do NOT find anything!! So I give up....
    BUT, later on, while trawling thru threads I magically stumble upon my issue; usually in an UNrelated thread.
    The only productive & timely method I have found has been: "To Ask Questions!!!"
    And I have found that most answers are freely & happily shared by members, despite the fact that answers are buried in the 1000's! of threads on your 'private' little knowledge base...
    "YOU" may know !Everything!, But many of us are struggling to just figure out the basics.
    Thanx for listening,
    ps: When on MS-MobileIE, the wiki search sucks.. and the XDA page loses a lot of functions...
    pps: And as the 'friendly' avatar posted by your elitist "friend" 'scotchua' has; we a not 'Idiots, we just don't have the time to fiddle with our PPC's all day, until we have the registry memorized. We have a sophisticated device we are merely trying to make work better; it is NOT a hobby....
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