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    Post [ROM][NITROGEN][10] Weekly | Stable MIUI 12 for Mi Max 3

    I had the chrome freezing issue on Miui 11 Stable. Have since permanently switched to firefox with no issues. Not rooted or modded.
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    Post Usb type c to jack adapter

    Don't believe these support USB-C audio.
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI 10 Global | Android 9

    Global hardware Telus network Global is missing one LTE band in North America I updated to it so far it's been fine. MIUI forums are claiming a bunch of wireless radio issues with data, bluetooth, wifi etc.
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI 10 Global | Android 9

    Is it as glitchy as the MIUI forums say? Apparently the roll out was delayed untill it's fixed.
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    Post Is it finally that time?

    Not out yet, rumored on the forum. 7.2 inch screen afaik. But I have no need for more right now.
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    Post Is it finally that time?

    I would upgrade to the Mi Max 4. I have a stock Global version, I feel no need to change anything or upgrade.
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    Post Help! Vertical lines on the screen

    Either the display cable popped off the board or the display ribbon tore off the display. One is fixable without parts the other needs a new LCD.
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    Post Poor interest?

    I generally don't care, stock ROMs used to be terrible and lack many feature. The stock Xiaomi rom does exactly what is needed for me so I find no need to flash potentially unstable ROMs on my device. I used to flash weekly even daily. I don't need to anymore.
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    Post WiFi and Hotspot simultaneously

    No it doesn't work. Hotspot uses the wifi chip in reverse to project wifi. It can't do both at the same time. But you can USB tether or Bluetooth tether a wifi connection in most cases.
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    Post Is 1080 at 60 FPS possible?

    Stock global rom has 1080P 60fps recording.
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    Post max 3 push notification problems with alot of users-any help

    Basically what I had to do was manually turn on all notification sounds and pop ups. Some apps simply cannot be turned on like Google messages.
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    Post Mi Max 3 in USA

    I have a global max 3 and get better signal in most cases vs my Axon 7. I am missing one LTE band but it doesn't hurt much.
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    Post Degraded battery BCL device lag

    My battery has about 51% of its life left estimated below 20% it chugs hard. When thrown on a charger 0-30% takes about 10 seconds. I don't have root but can look at some point. I've upgraded to a mi Max 3 but my A7 is now my car multimedia system.
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    Post Used MI MAX 3 miui 10 global beta . help needed

    Have to turn on sounds manually on messaging app settings it isn't on from default. Stable global rom has this issue.