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Recent content by jmbneaf

  1. jmbneaf

    Post LG G6 - tmobile unlocked with AT&T Sim - Contacts App crashing only if sim present

    Thank you! This got my working again. Same setup - T-Mobile Unlocked on AT&T network. Powered off the phone without the SIM & SD Card. Opened the phone/contacts app, inserted the SIM card/SD Card holder. Phone rebooted and worked.
  2. jmbneaf

    Post [12/29] Restore for MJ5 --Doesn't trip Knox and optionally provides root--

    Great thread! So the advantage of doing this is getting the MJ5 firmware, keeping Root, and not tripping Knox, correct? I'm on M19 Root De La Vega, so this is an option for me?
  3. jmbneaf

    Post [Guide] At&t Note 3 Sim Unlock

    Works! Ditto for me too! Thanks a ton! Also, speed tests show no impact. Knox not tripped (however I have that frozen with Titanium backup) With my N900A, I was able to download data & make calls on a T-Mobile SIM Returned back to my AT&T SIM, I did have to re-enter my APN settings though...
  4. jmbneaf

    Post tethering availability

    Thanks guys (I'm in the same boat as inmotion). To get tethering to work, I used Titanium Backup to freeze Tethering Provision, and I then installed FoxFi. Got it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxfi2 When I activate Tethering I get a "settings has stopped error" -...
  5. jmbneaf

    Post <SOLVED> No Knox App?

    Thanks! I copied the KNOXStub.apk into /system/app/ folder using root explorer Rebooted my phone and I now have a Knox app in the drawer. When you click the app it walks you through the installation/setup of Knox.
  6. jmbneaf

    Post <SOLVED> No Knox App?

    Can I get a copy of the apk's too?
  7. jmbneaf

    Post <SOLVED> No Knox App?

    Have any of you tried going to Settings -> General Tab -> Security -> Device Administrators and activating Knox as a device administrator? Doesn't seem to turn on an application; but, sort of validates that it is there.
  8. jmbneaf

    Post [Q] Does the T-Mobile note 3 have wireless charging -UPDATE- Yes it does

    I can confirm TEKHD's notes. Top pad is for the Positive +5VDC Middle pad is for the Ground/Return. I have hooked up my Palm touchstone receiver coil to the pads am am charging now. No pictures but it is tight and has a slight bulge where the coil goes. Thanks again to the XDA community...
  9. jmbneaf

    Post CM7 MAC Address Fix

    csyria6919 & jfb9301, I can confirm, you'll get the errors csyria6919 gets with WiFi OFF - turn on Wifi on the KF and then the ADB commands work without errors. VERY NICE Fix - +1 thanks to TheKid2! ~J
  10. jmbneaf

    Post [Guide] How to restore to pure stock (no root, FFF, etc.) with TWRP

    Quick question, does the restore/factory reset wipe the SD Card? Thanks, ~J
  11. jmbneaf

    Post [DRIVER PACK] USB to Ethernet driver pack for Honeycomb 3.2

    Suggest using the command: busybox route add default gw (IP to your router) ~J
  12. jmbneaf

    Post USB to Ethernet dongle (from DealExtreme) - WORKS!

    Success! Success with my new adapter (noted above) http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Gigab.../dp/B003VSTDFG -or- http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 Steps: 1st I updated to Clemsyn's Latest ROM/Kernel bundle from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1154939...
  13. jmbneaf

    Post USB to Ethernet dongle (from DealExtreme) - WORKS!

    rjscott2005 - it is similar & from looking at the photos the board and components are indeed different (which explains the different results). As for the better price, nice find; Amazon had it in stock & fast shipping - so I went with them. Quiethinker - awesome job!
  14. jmbneaf

    Post USB to Ethernet dongle (from DealExtreme) - WORKS!

    ultravox - great point / Just tried it out on a Linux box and no go. Pretty much sure my cheap $6 adapter is bad. lsusb on the Linux box saw it but nothing more. The LED on the adapter is no longer lighting up - so its probably dead. I will have a better adapter c/o Amazon tomorrow. Should...