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Recent content by Joe momma

  1. J

    Post [ROM][GT-N7000][JB][4.2.2] Official CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies

    Downloading Preview 5 now! I hope it's a bit smoother than preview 4, my phone lags very badly when it comes to the UI. Reading through the changelog now
  2. J

    Post [ROM][GT-N7000][JB][4.2.2] Official CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies

    I hope the preview 4 gets released soon. Looking forward to project butter and memory leak fixes. Been waiting a few weeks now. There was also a wifi bug I found but I couldn't reproduce it for some reason. But it caused my whole phone to lock up and I couldn't reboot till I removed the battery...
  3. J

    Post Not paying for data plan on AT&T?

    It didn't work. I had mobile data off from day one, and hours later I got a text saying they added a data plan. It seems like they know my phone's IMEI right when I put my sim card in. Gah.
  4. J

    Thread No data plan while using Android phone on AT&T?

    Is there a way to avoid paying that god awful data plan when using a android smart phone? I recently bought a HTC Inspire 4G to use as a second phone but AT&T wants to double charge me on data. I already have data on my first phone I don't want it on my second phone. What can I do?
  5. J

    Thread Not paying for data plan on AT&T?

    I just re-purchased a Inspire again, after 1 year I needed a 2nd phone and I kind of missed my inspire. But I don't want to pay for the data plan. AT&T. Is there anyway to hide my IMEI from AT&T so I don't get slapped with a data plan?
  6. J

    Post [ROM]*2.9.7*HYBRID_TMT_MIUI_3.0 INTERNATIONAL Codename "THE ONLY ONE" 09/16/12

    Please someone post a mirror of beta 6!!! Beta 5 is buggy and killing my battery
  7. J

    Post [KERNEL] SpeedMod N7000 ICS [K3-15 CWM CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT]

    Can you make a video of how to flash it? I can't figure out where that "patch" files goes and the tar file just gives me errors and you didn't leave ANY directions on how to install. This is very confusing, please help us understand better.
  8. J

    Post [ROM] TheMIDTeam 1.6.2 Codename "B&G" LQ3 (07/20/12)

    Ok great. Small problem. I don't own a micro SD and cwm won't mount internal storage... ---------- Post added at 06:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:44 AM ---------- I lied, I just realized my old blackberry has a 2gb micro sd in it! Now, how do I get into this "touch recovery"...
  9. J

    Post [ROM] TheMIDTeam 1.6.2 Codename "B&G" LQ3 (07/20/12)

    So what do I do to fix this? CWM doesn't seem to flash anything correctly anymore.
  10. J

    Post [ROM] TheMIDTeam 1.6.2 Codename "B&G" LQ3 (07/20/12)

    I tried flashing it with cwm like the directions said but now it doesn't go past the galaxy note boot screen! Flashing any other roms even midnote 1.3 doesn't work!! Help!
  11. J

    Post [ROM] TheMIDTeam 1.6.2 Codename "B&G" LQ3 (07/20/12)

    My phone now gets stock on the galaxy nte boot screen. I even tried to reinstall midnote 1.3 again and it doesn't work. What do I do?
  12. J

    Thread My note didn't get bricked on LPF

    Hello XDA. I have the ICS kernel LPF installed along with midnote rom. I heard that wiping and installing a new rom on this kernel bricks your device. Is there some reason why it didn't do it on my device? Would my device somehow help plug up the bug in the kernel?
  13. J

    Post Anyway to make the note as fast as the S II???

    Also, anyway to switch to 24 bit or 16bit colors?
  14. J

    Post Anyway to make the note as fast as the S II???

    Yea I figured it was a GPU issue. Anyway to overclock the GPU?
  15. J

    Thread Anyway to make the note as fast as the S II???

    I've had the galaxy note for a while now, tried many roms and so on. But I just cannot get the speed out of my note like my sister's stock GB S II. Her phone is SO fast and snappy it's mindblowing. My note feels super slugish compared to her phone and she hasn't even done any mods! What can I do...