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  • Hi Joel, I'm used to read the xda forums for quite some times now, it helped me to customize some WM devices for friends and as an Android developer on the G1.

    Now i just get a touch2 and which to help the community back working on this device.

    My first goal will be a Hard/Dev SPL for the Touch2 T3333, to allow users to mess with the device.

    Could you help me finding; the forum to present myself, some basic information about HTC SPL and boot process, and perhaps the right people to contact.

    Thank you,

    j'ai un htc touch 3g jade 100 (t3232) quand j l'ouvre ça redemarre et affiche unknown sim state et demande un mot de passe j'ai essayer lokiwiz mai a marche pas je ne peut pas executer enablrapi du telephone
    quesque j fait
    i am new to all this and have been reading for day trying to figure out my problem. i am stuck and cant figure out where to go. i have a g1 that does to recognize the pc hard drive with my sd card. the usb cable works cuz its charging the phone.. so through all the reading i done i have come up with.. i need to download glass fish and eclipse and basically develope my own app so i can install something that will make the usb cable work...ever since this update they r talking about it doesnt read the sd my question is once i downloaded and installed glass fish and open up the program what do i do from there. i know its installed correctly but i am over my head here but im not stupid if im just pointed in the right direction. in the threads is saying something about re rooting my phone with cynogen 4.0 thats all great but how the freek do i do this.
    hi i have a mt3g i rooted it along time ago and saw my self as an up and commin as far as flashing roms comes... untill !!!!! i flashed HTC Generic 2.73.405.5 with radio - from and now no matter what i do i get the stock recovery image... home +power = recovery image. down volume +power= recovery image. i have tryed everything i can think of did i brick my device? anyhelp would be sooooo great ! thanks ALOT
    GABe aka pup
    I have recently taken delivery of an XDA Flint - Wonderful - Is there anyway I can use the small "webcam" on social networking sites or use it on my MSN Instant Messenger? - It seems a shame that its there merely to take "self portraits" or video calls, which in all honesty are never used. - Many many thanks in anticipation for any replies
    Hi Joel,
    Found this site by researching HTC FUZE. I have been reading the raphael section, and the wiki. I have a few questions on how to get started. Her is my situation. I think the FUZE is great. I have a slingbox and need the windows mobile 6.1 to run it. I also need a phone with an FM radio. I saw the thread about activating the radio thru a .cab file. for some reason ATT doesnt support the radio. I see the instructions but i was wondering if there is a help video to show newbies how to load .cab files. Also after reading the forums about the different .cab files out there and the rom upgrades (cooked, etc) I am really getting interested. Are there such videos out there. Also some .cab files and tweaks are hard to understand what they do without seeing them in action. My fear is buying 2 of these phones and then telling my wife i cant get the ra

    dio to work.


    Hi Joel - are you still on the Q&A team? I came across a challenge today after finding and downloading a few items last night...wondering if I'm right to come back here for help?
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