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  • I'm sorry for bothering you again, but what sizes do you recommend for the three partions for a 1gb stock card?
    hey any chance if you know we need a ext 2 AND ext 3 on the sd card along with the fat32, on the 2.63 jac hero build?
    Heya Johnny, are you able to send and receive mms on build 2.61? I am on ATT network, and can not receive or send MMS messages...all my SMS are fine. Previous builds i was able to recieve everything.
    hey whats up homie listen my phone is working like i have rosie build and the apk. n all that but 4 some reason my phone is still suuuuper duper slow and i cant login to any site through the browser myspace facebook etc... it takes me 4ever to get to the home screen after i hit the home button i appreciate any suggestions or help you can give me
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