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    Post [UPDATED 4/20][ROM]CyanogenMod 7.2.0-RC1 X2 [BETA]

    Noticed a couple of bugs after flashing this ROM: Stock Dialer app does not work - FC every time. Stock contacts and recent calls work OK - just the dialer itself that has problems. Battery life seems somewhat reduced If the phone is plugged into a charger while turned off, it will turn on by...
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    Post [ROM] Nero v2 - Team Whiskey - *12/20/10*

    Been running this rom for a few hrs with super i/o kernel this is the most incredible rom i've ever seen - TW you are truly masters and gentlemen. I love my vibrant again.
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    Post [ROM] Nero Beta 3 - I Can't Believe Its Not Gingerbread *12/12/10*

    this is HANDS DOWN the best rom i've ever flashed on any device bravo good sirs, bravo
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    Post [ROM][Alpha-1]Sense UI - Vibrant Edition[12/26/2010]

    BUMP I've been dying for sense on my vibrant since day 1 - if you guys pull this off expect a fat donation!
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    Post [VIDEO] --- Odin Tutorial ---

    I just followed all of these directions to the T and everything went fine, no errors in Odin or anything, and now my phone is stuck with a black screen and the buttons lit up. When I reboot the phone it goes through all of the startup screens just fine: Vibrant, T-Mobile w/ sound, and Galaxy S...
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    best rom for g1 to date Holy crap, Biff... this is HANDS DOWN the best rom I've ever had running on my G1. It's lightning fast and everything works - no force closes. Hats off, my good sir.
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    Still getting maps force closes with 1.3 What's the solution? Sent from my HTC Dream using XDA App
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    Seems to be working fine now, thanks for the tip.
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    I did as you said and it booted fine, then rebooted during setup just like it says in the OP. Of course it got stuck in a bootloop again and I'm getting a no space left on the device error again...:confused:
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    What do you mean by original recovery file? Like, just reflash amonra?
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    Post [ROM] Biffmod 2.1 - Leaving on a Jet Plain - (11/04/10)

    Got stuck in a bootloop after doing complete wipe and repartition. I flashed the rom, then gapps, then theme, then universal overclocker. Any tips? EDIT: just rebooted into recovery and got an error message: E:Error in CACHE:recovery/log (No space left on device)
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    Post [GUIDE] Installing CM6 On USA Dream For Dummies * special ed edition 7/26/10

    Rc1 to rc2 I have CM6 rc1 running just fine on my G1 and I want to try upgrading to the newest version. Can I just download rc2 and flash it over without wiping or doing anything else?
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    Post Please remove

    Thanks I'll give it a shot.
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    Post Please remove

    So how do I fix the whole 'messed up alt keys' thing?