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  • Do you have to have titanium rom for these to work? I have Blazingwolf's night MS3 rom 6.5 on my Omnia I910. If not, what rom would you suggest for my Omnia I910? Thanks
    hey how can i find the files for the rhodium xbmod port? i don't know why all the links are down.
    ok so i'm somewhat familiar with xml. but it's also been awhile
    I was able to change the code so that my slide bar starts on the left..
    i removed the control sequence for slidepathleft as it wouldn't be going left anymore :)

    i'm missing something else. b/c it moved the slide icon where i wanted it to be. for now. the far left side of my screen at the top, but when i slide it,, it disapears... which i'm not sure i understand b/c the slidepathethersequence right is still there. i even assigned it a larget left value since it would be going all the way across the screen, it works and unlocks the phone. but ... it disappears after the first mm of sliding it..
    i'm also trying to get the time curtain to appear at the top and have the slider function from the bottom of the screen similar to A_C's S2U2 programs
    i can't seem to find the time curtain code in this.. i'm probably just tired and zoned out.. but any hints in the right direction would really help thx
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