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  • Hello,
    sorry to bother you! could you give me a link to download Tomal Univeral V10 or V12 ROM?
    Because I cannot access the link that Tomal posted.

    about your post about menc problem, can you give me any help about the jpg recovery programs?

    Hi Anas,

    I have an Orange SPV-M5000, so it is not the same CD you got with your I-Mate JasJar.

    You should continue with forum to find out the info you are looking for. I can tell you my original CD is still unopened (sealed with MS license agreement sticker).

    I really would pressure you to do this, as I don't think answer lies in CD. It has been surpassed many times.

    WM5.0 on CD is out of date... there's better versions of WM5, 6.1, 6.5 in forum.

    ActiveSync on CD is out of date... even if you install it, MS will want you to download to their latest version.

    Outlook is out of date... even if I give you it, I cannot give you the product key, so unless you have your original product key it will be useless.

    What exactly are you looking for?

    Please tell me your problem, and then perhaps we can help you.

    I'm really not being awkward - if you push me, I'll break the seal of my SPV CD and send you a .rar of it, but I know it will not help you.
    hi mr.jonny

    plz help me

    make copy of jasjar cd (the cd which come with jasjar mobile ) on your computer then add the copy in rar file then send it to me

    plz plz plz i need it very soon

    thank you again

    waiting your reply
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