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    Post New (beta) firmware for P8 Lite ALE-L21 C432B008 v5.1.1

    So now I solved problem to instal beta firmware to my phone. In firts post is defined that this update will works only with B132EU but it's not fully correct. sokkoban written that he updated it from B136a and it's true it works. This BETA must be instaled only on phone with firmware B136a...
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    Post New (beta) firmware for P8 Lite ALE-L21 C432B008 v5.1.1

    I have instaled B132EU but when I want (firmware is saved in dload folder and by local udate) to install this beta 5.1.1. and I have everytime Software install failed! error.. Could anyone say me what's wrong with my phone?
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    Post [Q] Whats up with the battery life?

    I have approx. 2 hours of calls each day and with WM7 I must charging my telefon min. 2 times in one day. So its very horrible. Would be nice to find any fix for it
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    Thread [Q] LED notifications SMS, Missing call etc

    Hi, does anybody know, if is possible to activate LED Notifications of missing calls, sms, emails etc for my HD2 with WM7
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    Post [Q] HD2 HW buttons mapping change in [ROM] HD2O© v1.23b1 WP7 BUILD 7720

    Does anybody solve this problem? For me is not necesary to use find button too - linked with BING