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    Post Just Received Android 11 N976U

    Just got the android 11 one UI 3.0 update for my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.
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    Post N976U AT&T Note 10+ 5G Firmware Files Here

    New T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10+ 5G update as of right now. With September security patch and one UI 2.5!
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Fantastic update devs YouTube chapter markers in the new update is what I've been waiting for thanks for the hard work you guys do for the community much appreciated! ??
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    Post N976U AT&T Note 10+ 5G Firmware Files Here

    There's a new tmobile galaxy note 10+ 5G software update that has just been released as of right now which is the One UI 2.1 feature update, enjoy.
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    Post Snapdragon vs exynos: A long time joke from Samsung.

    Unlocked bootloader might change on exynos chipsets since AMD is partnering with samsung there can be a possibility that they can also lock the bootloader and up the security on their exynos chipsets because of it. Let's wait and see what happens.
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    Post Note 10+ vs S20 Ultra 5G

    My pleasure VICosPhi, and wow can't believe it's been like four years since I did any custom rom work done which i last left off on the galaxy note 5. :( I miss those days it was fun and I have learned a lot as i contributed some awesome work for you guys. Would of been really nice to have...
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    Post Note 10+ vs S20 Ultra 5G

    I definitely did and after checking my device info for my phone which is the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, it seems I got the snapdragon 855+ processor instead of the regular one, which is a bonus. :)
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    Post Note 10+ vs S20 Ultra 5G

    Two weeks ago I had the choice to get the galaxy note 10+ or the galaxy s20 ultra and i just went with the note 10+ which I just received on March 4 . Even though the s20 has a newer processor and has the 120Hz refresh rate I just couldn't leave out the s-pen which can come in handy when it...
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    Post Note 10 Plus Screen Protectors

    Any website link from where you have purchased it? I would like to order one. Thanks. :)
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    Post N96OU USA got Android 10 this morning

    Lol how you doing butchieboy. I know it's been so long since I have done some custom rom work. I miss those days, but I be around just looking and checking xda from time to time. :)
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    Post N96OU USA got Android 10 this morning

    Just got the official android 10 firmware update for T-Mobile galaxy note 9! :)
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    Post Note 9 users, will you be getting the Note 10+?

    No headphone jack: They must of did it so their samsung galaxy buds could sell. Hope in the future they can implement a headphone jack where the s-pen hole is located in some way. No heart rate sensor: It's in their smart watches now so they removed it on their latest phones. Ugly centered...
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    Post [SAMSUNG PIE] #HEX Installer

    Hello, is there any way of completely removing both contrast themes that hex installer pre-installs? Once pressing on "delete" for both, it still shows in galaxy themes store in the my themes section. Is it hard coded into system apps for any reason. There seems to be many bad ratings about...
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    Post [APP] Samsung Game Booster | For Galaxy Note 9 | August 23, 2019

    "Game Booster is designed to raise performance and block interruptions while you’re in the gaming zone. But it can also monitor your phone’s temperature, memory and remaining battery life." Meaning that it can increase performance while optimizing the battery life for longer gameplay.