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  • Hey im a super noob and i was wondering what the latest spl was cause my G1 is giving me a "error on line 26" prompt when i install your rom?
    what link are you downing it from? the ones i posted in the thread or the ones from the OP??
    Is there any other way to get the font packs? I would like to check them out but I keep getting errors at rapidshare. Thanks a lot, for your help. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
    the one i refer too comes as a download and has three files within the zip file: Death Note 1.0.swf, Death Note 1.0.ttf, and a text file
    there's alot of fonts that can be used but i need the .ttf of everything in the /system/fonts/ folder.. it's like 7 files do u have those?
    Hey Jroid, I have a font on my laptop that i would like to see on android, but i am not sure how to apply it, or if i have To format it for the phone somehow. Any help would be appreciated. If you need i can email it to you...let me know.
    no, there currently isn't led notifications working on any hero roms as well as bluetooth.
    Hey J!! I installed the latest JACHero Rom and for some reason their are no lighting notifications for anything. You have a fix for this?
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