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    Post Gcam work perfectly for Pie

    I have stuck with Nikita GCam. I'm using 2.0. I keep up with each update as long as the stability remains. It's still great!
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    Post Gcam work perfectly for Pie

    I use Nikita and all cameras and video work fine (except 60fps and 4k). I use this config, but I am on stock rom...
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    Post Gcam work perfectly for Pie

    I can't download your config for some reason to check, but under the AWB setting, if you change primary camera to IMX351 MAIN and secondary camera to IMX351 WIDE the color looks superb. I've been using Nikita and tried others as well... this is the best version in my opinion.
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    Post [MAGISK][LGV30/V30+] Stock Android Pie Optimization All in One Mod

    I pretty sure the sound mod doesn't work on all models. I have an H932 and I installed the mod that doesn't include the dual speaker. Is been a long time since I messed with this mod. If I remember correctly, I had to manually copy some files and set proper permissions for it to work. If you let...
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    Post [Mod] (Closed) Call Recording & Volume Button Answer mod & New Call UI (Pie & Oreo)

    Your New US998 version works perfectly on the H932 as well...
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    Post LGSafeGuard: New spyware from LG?

    The bootloader vulnerability seems like the likely reason this was installed on our devices. I have t-mobile version and this was installed on my device as well. I'm rooted with stock ROM. There are two permissions associated with this software package...
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    Post Any gestures for pulling down notification bar?

    Use the app Tap, Tap. You can set the double tap on the back of the phone to do that for you in any app.
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    Post T-mobile update

    I was having some connection issues before this last update. After doing some things with TMobile text support, ended up having to completely reset my phone. Once I did that, I noticed my brightness never went down to zero as it did before. The lowest I've seen it is around 12% now. It was a...
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    Post GCam

    I use a release by Pitbull that works fairly well. The bugs currently are no 4k or 60fps video recording, no video at all on wide lens (without clearing cache first), but no bugs I've found in selfies, portrait mode, or night sight mode. If you toggle the 4k button in the pulldown, the app will...
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    Post A worthy upgrade?

    I'm on t-mobile. Just upgraded to April security patch...
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    Post A worthy upgrade?

    I recently moved from the OnePlus 6t to this phone. Since both phones are 60 hz, I don't miss anything there. I love having the pen functionality and stereo speakers, and games are completely better with the dual screen even if I don't play much. I thought I always had great battery on the...
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    Post What icon pack?

    I like UX LED, similar to the outlines icon pack posted earlier...
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    Post Get Google Pixel 4XL case for free [ad]

    I applied to see what happens. I am fairly rough with my phones and I think it would be interesting to see what this case feels like...
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    Post Urnyx camera settings

    The overall effect makes the picture softer, great for some landscape or portrait shots. You end up losing some of the fine detail such as fabric surface, brush strokes on a painting, etc. I'll be using your settings for some outdoor shots, thanks!
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    Post RCS

    The only times I had trouble staying connected is when I had sleep standby optimization turned on. Once I turned that off, no problems. It's under settings/battery/battery optimization/advanced (3 dot menu).