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  • hi, i was wondering how did you change the font for the fuze's start buttom and calendar?Also i was wondering if you have the cab to the font that was used in your profile picture.
    I hate to be a bother, but I was wondering how you got that theme to work with yours? I use the NATF 2.3 ROM, but have been unable to install the Xenred theme using TF3D config tool. Any suggestions?
    Hi, I was wondering how did you manage to make your Manilla 2d look like this (attach picture on your profile)?
    Hi Jstar
    Can you tell me how to go from the grass backround to the black diamond backround on my spb mobile pages?
    I have attached screen shots on Post 117 of your HTC Diamond Tilt / Kaiser

    which skin I have two ?the bottom or the top? Got an email I will send both. By the way for the top one you need to buy spb 2.0 I can on send the files needed for the theme not the program due to legal stuff.
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