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    Post [Rom][T705][MM][Fenris-XDA-Edition]

    vecna Is there a way to enable original googleplaystore and services along side microg? If not, how can uninstall microg and install original playstore and googlePlayservices on this rom, really need the orig playservices coz I'm a heavy gamer that uses playstore to buy premium stuff for my...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] AICP for SM-T700

    Sorry if im in the wrong section, newbie here. Is there AICP 7.1.2 for T705. Could anyone point me in the right thread, really sorry for the bother.
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    Post Kali Nethunter for Magisk

    Cant seem to make it work for me. Having problem in installing nethunter app, nethunter term and vnc installed fine, using terminal i get this: [email protected]:/ $ su [email protected]:/ # cd /sdcard/download [email protected]:/sdcard/download # pm install nethunter_magisk.apk pkg...
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    Post [Rom][T705][MM][Fenris-XDA-Edition]

    Thanks for the info, downloaded the install and post-install docs, the link is indeed inside:p Downloading standard......will report back after installing and testing for a day or 2:D
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    Post [Rom][T705][MM][Fenris-XDA-Edition]

    Been using Irom Rom MM for a while now on my t705, have read the full thread and I'm really interested in this rom and just finished downloading xda fenris v20. But I'm more intersted in the Fenris Standard, found the v19 standard by googling it. Is this the latest or is there a newer version...
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    Post Xposed Framework [UNITY][Deprecated]

    Yes. It works on all 4 mentioned devices......again thanks for your work:D
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    Post Xposed Framework [UNITY][Deprecated]

    :D:D Thank you for creating a unity installer saved me a lot of data, installed it on all of my 4 devices, Tab S ironrom mm, Note 4 LL stock, Le Eco 3 AOSP 7.1.2 and Huawei Mediapad 2 MM stock.......:good::good:
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    Post [APP] [4.4+] Hibernator : Best Greenify Alternative (No root) * *PROMO CODES **

    Hi, just finished downloading the app, hope there are promo codes left. I'd like to have one. Thanks in advance:)
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    Post Marshmallow Bootloaders

    If its not such a hassle for you, I would like to request for T705ZHU1CQB1 bootloader and T705ZZH1CQB1 modem :o