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    Post Anyone installed the November 7th update - G965USQU3BRJ5

    I have it and am not getting that issue with either stock messaging app
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    Post IOS 12 Theme For All Samsung Device's

    Yes. Same here. Keeps reverting back. Thanks for the effort, it looks great while on...
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    Post IOS 12 Theme For All Samsung Device's

    Thanks but this version keeps reverting back to default after 5-10 minutes...
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    Thread Cant connect to network

    hi-Sorry for the question im on Xfinity Mobile and was trying to downgrade out of the Pie beta. i screwed something up in Odin when flashing ARG8 and now when it boots it just hangs at the "searching for network" screen and cant find my network. can anyone please help me out ? Im just trying...
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    Post Confused

    Thank you very much man. I appreciate it !!
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    Thread Confused

    Hey all. I'm reading about 3 threads and am confused about these Snapdragon S 9+ Betas and what I need to be doing here. I am currently on the ZRJ7 build I installed by Odin. I'm mostly HTC guy but I got no issues using Odin. I'm on Xfinity Mobile which I guess shouldnt matter. Can someone...
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    Post Android 9/PIE update on S9+

    I used the one that was posted earlier in the News section and all is good so far. Granted only been an hour but no issues.
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    Post Theme {GREENYON} by ☆MDR☆

    Looks very nice. Thank you !
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    Post [THEME] envy themes_

    Thank you for fixes
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    Post [THEME] envy themes_

    Thanks for all your helps. It is now installed properly.
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    Post [THEME] envy themes_

    I have S9+ so i will try to reinstall. Thank you.
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    Post [THEME] envy themes_

    Hello. Thanks for the nice themes, will be donating today. All themes installed fine but jakenen. It doesn't show up in my themes. Does anyone have any ideas ?
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    Post Awsome Samsung Good lock back

    Im inexperienced with this app. One thing i like is how the recents cards look unless thats from Nova Launcher. Would any of you guys mind weighing in like the person above me talked about removing the alarm icon. What are some of your favorite things to do? Im coming from HTC and not used to...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] 3.18.605.13 | AROMA | ROOT | NO-ROOT | DEBLOAT | OREO

    Ok thanks. I'm on my phone I'll try another browser. And thanks for remembering us !
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] 3.18.605.13 | AROMA | ROOT | NO-ROOT | DEBLOAT | OREO

    Ok something's up, probably stupid. I've tried to download 3 different times and each time it stops at 90%. 3 different mirrors. Plenty of storage space. Am I too soon?