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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]AICP For ja3gxx(GT-I9500)

    1 First message Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Release Tracker - Follow Artists (UPDATED) - Promo Codes Giveaway

    App it's giving me this error with the manual sync "Failed to fetch data. Connection closed by peer" on S4 4.4.2
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    Post how do you make your phone go into a deep sleep?

    ...or you can put this thread to deep sleep. Sorry i'm late :D
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED][v1.0.10.53] InstallerOpt

    Can you please add an option to auto backup apk's installed from play store? Thanks
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    Post [TUTORIAL] [ROOT] Light Flow - Enable LED For Notifications

    Anyone knows if this app overrides all LED notifications, i have pushbullet and an outlook mail app that after i've installed light flow i'm not getting their default LED notifications. This app disables those notifications that doesn't have a profile created, should i have to create a profile...
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED][v1.0.10.53] InstallerOpt

    I have two options ticked "Backup APKs" and "Delete APKs", after installing an app from the playstore it didn't backed-up the apk to the internal storage.
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    Post Xposed edge (pro)

    Can you please add some effect on pie function press/active, maybe some color or button press efect? Thanks :)
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    Post Xposed edge (pro)

    Now it's working, thanks!
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    Post Xposed edge (pro)

    Torch is not working on my S4 Kitkat 4.4, it freeze and reboot my phone :(
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    Post [Q] Samsung Custom boot on AT&T Galaxy S4 i337

    Also... after this "BUG" i think the lag increased, the sttuter is more noticeable when browsing and gaming. I think the whole interface crashed and restored badly. :confused:
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Custom boot on AT&T Galaxy S4 i337

    Hello i'm kind of a newbie with these android devices, so my problem is i've installed "All in one Gestures" app from google play and asigned swipe commands for the corners. I asigned for the "lower left area" the Fullscreen command just to see how it works and by "accident" i swiped when i have...