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    Thread Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11

    This is the new iOS 11 Jailbreak toolkit developed by Coolstar for all iOS developers to test their new tweaks and themes on iOS 11.*Electra Jailbreak download is not a regular jailbreak, it is a development toolkit which is meant for developers and themes. Electra jailbreak supports all the...
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    Thread WhatsApp Plus (2020-Independent Version)

    WhatsApp Plus, the most requested version with the Hide Impression feature...*A modified and premium version of*WhatsApp Plus,**download now for Android 2020 WhatsApp is now used in all areas of life.*WhatsApp Plus, on the*other hand, gives you many more possibilities regarding this...
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    Thread What Is the Best Video Downloader?

    I used IDM to download all my videos from youtube and the other website that I used to watch k-drama and j-drama online. I used a cracked version But I updated it mistakenly. So now i could not download from it anymore. So I use 4K downloader for youtube which is much better than IDM. But I...
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    Thread Youtube Vanced Best Features 2020

    YouTube Vanced is a Youtube client that has many interesting and useful features. Some of them will let you use YouTube like you did back in the days. The most important features of the app include adblocking and background playback. These features are really handy if you don't have a paid...
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    Thread Does Youtube Vanced Safe to Use?

    Hey guys, I just heard this app called YouTube Vanced from https://vancedtube.com/ this website. I am not sure if this app is safe to use or not. Can anyone help me out here. Thanks .
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    Thread Why Does MicroG APK Important For OGYouTube ?

    OGYouTube is probably the best YouTube download client you can find on Android, even if there are others that are also very good. It is unique YouTube client that lets you download any video from YouTube directly to the memory of your Android device. Best of all, you can do it in any of the...
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    Thread How To Flash Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Using Xiaomi Flash Tool

    Xiaomi Flash Tool is the recommended and official flashing utility to flash Xiaomi Smartphones. Ingredients Xiaomi USB drivers A Windows computer or a Laptop Download Xiaomi flash tool (Latest version) Download Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 latest Global Stable Version Unlock the bootloader of your device...
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    Thread The cause of Galaxy Fold bug Will Be announced Sooner By Samsung*

    Samsung is actively investigating the cause of Galaxy Fold incident, and said it will soon bring this smartphone back to the market.In an interview with the Korea Herald, Koh Dong-Jin, head of Samsung's mobile division, said he was considering "errors caused by substances" used on the Galaxy...
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    Thread Mobile Phone With Best Camera Features

    Hey guys, I am considering to buy a new mobile phone with best camera features. which is the best camera on a Mobil phone ,up to 250€ ? Thanks
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    Thread Accidentally deleted an important audio recording

    I accidentally deleted an important audio recording from my phone and have been trying to recover it for several hours. There are a gazillion android recovery software on the internet but none of them are free. I ditched iPhone in favor of Android to get more control over my device. However...
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    Thread What are your favorite mobile games?

    Hey, Mobile gaming is a bit of a headache. But many of you addicted to it anyway, right? Sometimes playing mobile game help to reduce stress level, help to forget painful memories and it also help to time pass when we have nothing to do. I In my list, starting with Clash of Clans, Snakes And...
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    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    Galaxy S3, indeed
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    Thread How to Make YouTube is Safe Environment or Children*

    Open video filters or use YouTube Kids applications can reduce inappropriate content for children when watching YouTube. You can customize content you see in the YouTube Kids app by signing into the app and blocking videos or channels you don’t want your child to watch.YouTube is an amazing...
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    Thread How To Find Smartphone When it Lost ?*

    Smartphone lost or stolen is a "nightmare" of many people, because you not only lost a device attached to you but also lost Important data contained on it.*If you are using a smartphone running Android, then you don't worry about loosing it because there are some solutions to find it again if...
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    Post What Is The Best Messenger App for Android?

    Thanks for the knowledge. I also use Whatsapp and emo, but tapatalk is not working in my country.