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  1. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][LineageOS][N801x/N8000][ALPHA][10/08/2017]Nougat

    Thanks! Amazingly it worked. What's amazing is that I've tried doing that maybe half-a-dozen times with no success. It may be because I was using the pico gapps and this time I used the micro gapps. Happy, but confused.
  2. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][LineageOS][N801x/N8000][ALPHA][10/08/2017]Nougat

    So I'm able to get the latest build to install as long as all I do initially is a total wipe and install the build. I can boot without problems. However, when I go back into TWRP and attempt to install gapps (either micro or pica) they appear to install, but when I reboot, I'm stuck in the...
  3. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][LineageOS][N801x/N8000][ALPHA][10/08/2017]Nougat

    Well, I give up trying to install the latest version (lineage-14.1-20170116-UNOFFICIAL-n8013). I've tred installing dirty as well as clean several different times and end up with "android" being displayed constantly after rebooting. I've followed the various methods posted here that were...
  4. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][LineageOS][N801x/N8000][ALPHA][10/08/2017]Nougat

    So I had this version installed: cm-14.1-20161208-UNOFFICIAL-n8013 I then dirty flashed this version on top/over it: lineage-14.1-20170116-UNOFFICIAL-n8013 I'm now in hour 3 of seeing "android" on the screen when attempting to boot. Obviously, I've done something wrong. I also previously...
  5. jusliloleme

    Post Gmail not syncing properly since system update

    Strange. I've also taken the update (actually, if memory serves, there were 2 updates within a couple of weeks) and aren't experiencing the problems you all are seeing. I know, that doesn't help you any.
  6. jusliloleme

    Post 6.0.1 in February...

    I'm not going to hold my breath.
  7. jusliloleme

    Post Any opinions about updating or leaving as is?

    Check the development group: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-10-1/development There are a few very good ROMs available for flashing. Just make sure you have the information for the 8013.
  8. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][CM13.0][N801x/N8000][BETA][01/09/2016]Marshmallow

    Thanks, but why on earth do I have to activate the keyboard?
  9. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][CM13.0][N801x/N8000][BETA][01/09/2016]Marshmallow

    When attempting to set my WiFi password, no keyboard comes up to enter it. Is there a secret code somewhere to activate the keyboard? I've installed the latest ROM as well as the stock GApps.
  10. jusliloleme

    Post any working root method for the note?

    Friend, just a brief scan will tell you that the answer to your question is no. There is no bootloader unlock for the Verizon Note 4 n910v. Allegedly devs are working on something, but given that it's been out for over a year and nothing has happened yet, I would wager that we will never see...
  11. jusliloleme

    Post Things I need to know plz

    Seriously? You post on 9/10 and when you don't get a response you bump on 9/11? Anyway, assuming you have the Verizon retail version of the N4, there ain't a whole lot you can do with it, root-wise anyway. You either learn to live with what you got or you bite the bullet and find something else.
  12. jusliloleme

    Post [Firmware] [LP] [5.0.1] [RetEd/DevEd] Safe Upgrade to Lollipop [N910VVRU2BOF1]

    But if you have the RetEd, you're SOL like the rest of us.
  13. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM][N8000][N8013][N8010][4.4.2] Gnabo Rom V8 [AIR COMMAND - NOTE 2014 APPS ]

    Yes, but it might be best to do a clean install. And remember, patience is a virtue :)
  14. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM] [6.0.1r62][AOSP][CyanideAndroid] [08/19/2016]

    Sorry dude, but it didn't work that way for me. Maybe you'd better recheck you setup.
  15. jusliloleme

    Post [ROM] [6.0.1r62][AOSP][CyanideAndroid] [08/19/2016]

    True, but when touched it comes up with 3 options; disable, hide on lock screen, or always show. When I first checked the status it was already on hide on lock screen. Tried always show and still didn't see the advanced boot screen. Went back to hide on lock screen and still didn't see it...