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  • Hello, if you have the right screwdriver, I may ship you my bricked dev phone : only one little scratch, an almost new battery (loaded twice) and a nice bronze colour. It could probably fully repair your broken one...
    Hey, XDA is great, but it's HTC phone specific. We need a dev community forum that's android specific. So I put together android-devs.org It's a brand new forum and I think some great rom posts by some devs could really give it the lift off the ground it needs. If you could post your rom at android-devs.org that would be such a great help and I think it will help yourself and everyone in the longrun. If you have any suggestions for the forum please share and I'll see what I can do.
    Hey jac when I updated to the new xrom it loaded fine but when I click. On the internet or messaging it willlooklike it loads then goes back to the homescreen what can. Be the problem
    G1 just stuck in loop. the only thing that came up is Herro and HTC.. and keep rebooting again and again... I installed the radio and the SPL
    hey are u gonna try 2 use the leaked htc update in ur roms? i love em, but also full texting would be nice
    Hey JAC, are you coming out with an auto updater in the market like Cyan? that would be sweet! I only use your roms BTW. so an auto updater would be very beneficial...
    Many thanks for your painstaking work, I'm getting a job just to donate lol

    Dont know what I would do with out your work
    hey question about your roms

    are your roms optimized for class 6 sd cards? i currently use a 2gig sd card that doesnt show a class. and i always found ur roms to be a bit laggier than drizzys whenever i use them,but other have had different results. but i read that ur roms could be optimized for class 6...just no one has confirmed it for me.
    I would just like to say, I have compared all the ROMs out there and yours are definitely the best ones available today. JACxRom rules!
    HI Jac,

    I have question about your rom Jachero v1.2. I want to update to my G1.
    is that Jachero rom support flash player on web? do it have IM with it?
    Hey JAC I just wanted to say that I really love all of you and Drizzy's roms and thank you for all of your guy's work.
    hey JAC i am having trouble installing the 2.7.3 rom. i currently run 2.7.1... i installed (in this order)the recovery, installed radio, installed spl, then re-partitioned my card. is there any particular order to install these things? if so could u please tell) and i downloaded the DrizzyJAC r2.7.3 SYM/BIND APPS2SD . idk what slow sd means.. like should i try to install that instead of the sym/bind? whenever i try to install 2.7.3 it get aborted sumthing abt "bad update" or something.. help from the source is greatly appreciated =) kaythx.\

    [email protected]
    Hey man I install jachero but I didn't partition my sd card and now my phone is so slow everytime I press home it take long to load. And I can't do partition because I don't see the cm-command when I press ALT+X and I install the cm-command. Please help me [email protected] thanks
    yo jac, couple things:

    i @replied on twitter about the alarm problem - everything else is flawless. I'm going to install 2.5 and do another test for tomorrow. I've been getting force closes (and double checking everything with Task Mgr before I let it sit) - should I try and pull a log or something.

    Also, im a ux/interface/web designer and would love to help out (in addition to your paypal) with anything you need. Want some cool wallpaper designs (I'll put some together for you anyway) - just let me know.

    you can hit me up at [email protected] directly anytime.

    Thanks and Peace!
    I was reading your guide for the jachero rom, and im stuck at the part where i flash the SPL. My phone stays on the Tmobile G1 screen? What do you suggest doing?
    Hi, i've got only 1 little question for you.
    I read your guide for the upgrade to your jachero rom, and I don't understand what do you mean when you wrote "PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE NEW BUTTONS INSTALLED"
    Maybe you can redirect me to a thread where this point it's well explained...
    Thank you very much!!!
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