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  • Hi, Just wanted to let you know that since December I've followed your reviews of the energy roms. I only flash about every 2 weeks or so, but I find your info of major value and follow your tweaks. Thanks so much for taking the time

    Las Vegas
    Your work remains valuable, even after all this time ... just flashed EnergyROM Leo 28011 and after disappointments trying to get it to work in 28008, followed advise on posts in other forum and disabled Sense, added city and it worked like a charm. Just thought a thanks was in order!
    Hey there JVH3.. your the guy thats made the weahter modification application? Just got to ask does your app change things so it looks on different servers? The only reason I have said that is that I'm in the process or writing a XML file that is specific to the Australian weather conditions. The AccuWeather versions are very inaccurate. I own my own Personal Weather Station and data is freely avaliable on the web at http://weather.bakershome.com/ and I've linked my Raph to my site and created a custom XML file for it. Was thinking of posting on the site that I'm looking for support to implement the more accurate system for our fellow followers.. What do you think?

    [email protected] is my email address.
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