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    Thread How to recover data from phone with broken screen (samsung galaxy note 4)

    My Note 4 recently broke and now I'm left with a black non-responsive screen. I don't have a custom recovery installed or USB debugging turned on. Is there anything I can do to recover data? I have lots of pics in Viber and Whatsapp folders that didn't save to SD, I really want to get them...
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    Post Pixel 3 google camera ( 6.1 and 5.1 ) ( exynos ) INFO Edit 11.03.19

    I cant see to get night mode working on Note 8. I've turned everything on in Fast Config Toggle. Is it the small squares on the screen reading Day, Dark, Night? Any advice?
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    Post Note 4 random shutdowns Battery at 15%,20% fix ( without root )

    I'm trying this on a stock Samsung Note 4. When I type in the OPs code I get the screen with the battery stats and option to click "Quick start". When I click quick start I get a warning that I'm about to reset the fuelguage and battery stats will become inaccurate, do I wish to continue. I...
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    Post Connecting galaxy tab s2 to my TV which adapter?

    How do you do this ? Plase let us know, this would add so much more functionality to the tab.
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    Post Disappointed with S2 Tab TV Out/MHL performance -can anyone help?

    That's really kind of you, thank you. Sorry for the late reply I was sick. Mostly I'd like to watch shows from apps that are available in my home country or Ireland like RTE player. It's a tv show player app but doesn't have chromecast support. Also Channel 4 in the UK have an app called All 4 ...
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    Post Disappointed with S2 Tab TV Out/MHL performance -can anyone help?

    Sorry,I wasn't clear. I meant on several of the apps I use only offer chromecast support for older shows and older episodes but not recent ones. They all play fine on the tablet though. I like to use the cable for those. That's why I find the chromecast doesn't rival the cable for me so I'd love...
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    Post Disappointed with S2 Tab TV Out/MHL performance -can anyone help?

    Thank you for replying Ashyx. Is there nothing I can do then as far as the cable goes? I have a Chromecast but I don't find support for quite a lot of apps I want to use, even on the apps that do support it they won't cast recent screenings, just older episodes . The cast screen option also...
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    Thread Disappointed with S2 Tab TV Out/MHL performance -can anyone help?

    So I got a Galaxy S2 tab for Christmas and while it's pretty good on thing has been a huge letdown. One of the main things I wanted from it was to be able to connect it to the TV via a cable to watch films and TV shows .However with the tablet it will display the screen on the TV for me but the...
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    Thread Problem using MHL cable to connect S2tab to the TV

    I've been trying to hook my Samsung S2 Tab up to my tv via MHL . The cable works ,however the video is displayed inside a black box on the screen and doesn't go anywhere near filling the tv screen as my phone does when it's hooked up in the same manner. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone...
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    Post ★ [ROOT][N9005] ★ Rooting 4.4.2 FNF4 & NEWER stock firmwares ★ (KNOX 0x0) ★

    This is probably a silly question but will this method and flashing the new kernal mean that I will fix my tripped knox counter and return it to 0 ? Will flashing a new kernal to the phone have implications for future updates ?
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    Post [APP][4.4+] Greenify v3.6.2 Final (Updated on Aug. 25)

    I have updated to the beta in the hope that it would solve my problem but still no joy. When i try to greenify system apps I get a message telling me they are "ingreenifible". I am trying to greenify Google Hangouts right now. I have the donation pack and I'm rooted. I don't have xposed. Anyone...
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    Post [APP][4.4+] Greenify v3.6.2 Final (Updated on Aug. 25)

    I recently rooted my note2 especially so I could buy the donation pack and greenify some system apps. However when I try I get a message saying "this app is ungreenifiable" , that's everything from samsung apps to google hangouts. I have followed the instructions and enabled "experimental...
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    Post Rumor: Note II to receive Android 4.4.2 KitKat by March end

    I upgraded to stock kitkat via ODIN and I have to say I'm not liking it at all. It's slow and laggy on menus and launching apps and the battery life is terrible. I was getting around 3 days out of my note2 on 4.2. Last night kitkat ate through 70% of my battery while I slept! I say don't bother...
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    Post [EXPERIMENTAL] Enable Mirroring from any device

    It's working very well on my Note 2 on stock. Thank you very much.
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    Post Your Google Play Store is blocked? Search/request your app here!

    Many thanks to you and the original poster too. :)