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Recent content by [email protected]

  1. K

    Post [stock rom][2.3.6][MULTI-LANG] P1000XWJQ8_P1000PHNJQ1_P1000XXJPZ

    ehm, stupid question, but can I install this on a not-rooted device?
  2. K

    Post [ROM][MIUI-XJ] Mar 31 - 2.3.30 GB 2.3.7 EN-MULT+OTA+CM+Updater|D2EXT X-PART|A2SD+|D2W

    hello, is it possible that maybe the MIUI XJ A2SD/ A2SD+ 1.3.11 - 2.2 Final Signed is not uploaded yet? If I click on the given link hxxp://w...mediafire.com/?13tt5xw5w48o3mx I always get MIUI_XJ_A2SD_1.3.5_2.2_Final_Signed.zip I cleared my cache and tried with IE and firefox. [email protected]
  3. K

    Post The XPERIA X2 (Vulcan) Software Library

    just want to say thanks, I like the x2 taskmanager and its working great. and also the game "experiment 13" is fun, thank you!
  4. K

    Post Footprints

    bizarre, with this rom its working ! [ROM][GER][28/11/09][21882/28005] RTT Leet R8 (xda_uc) with the com8 release footprints works, but not with com2 release.
  5. K

    Post footprints on the blackstone

    same here with latest energyrom (27.11.09 I guess) :(
  6. K

    Post Footprints

    same here, with energyrom 21877 and LIA v14.5 21882 anyone has a solution? [email protected]