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Recent content by k500zm

  1. k500zm

    Thread Miui Wireless display not connecting and bluetooth not discoverable

    Hi does anyone know no how to fix the wireless display connection problem? my TV we just alerts me that my phone is trying to connect but fails to connect. Also Bluetooth is not fully discoverable and pairable and using the play store app Bluetooth settings I am unable to activate this option...
  2. k500zm

    Post How to get / install back uninstalled Apps (APKs) with ADB.

    @Vordx Mate you just saved my bacon - I uninstalled system launcher com.miui.home from my mi 10 lite 5g and it screwed the recent items. Thought I would have to factory reset or wait until a new system update to repair it - but your fix worked like a charm! Thank you SO much ;)
  3. k500zm

    Thread Working Gcam Port - [Port][7.3][toco] GCam for Mi Note 10 Lite

  4. k500zm

    Post We Need a Dev!!

    https://arrowos.net/ https://arrowos.net/team.html Maybe contact them - Looks like a really good rom....
  5. k500zm


    Thanks for your info sjamie - I think it's time to upgrade :)
  6. k500zm


    Ledrock sjamie vdbhb59 Hi Guys just a couple of questions... 1 - Does Double tap to Wake work with this? 2 - Does Cast to wireless TV work ? [I have LG webOS] Thanks in advance
  7. k500zm

    Post Encyption unsuccessful

    I think you need to flash the no Verity zip after you flash twrp to stop the stock recovery from reinstating itself after you reboot. Then you should be able to just boot into twrp and restore your backup.
  8. k500zm

    Post [APP][ROOT] Brightness Tweak

    I use a OnePlus 5t now and for me these tweaks are not necessary as the Brightness on the OP5T goes amazingly dark as standard! I use Gravitybox and you are indeed correct the Brightness Tweak seems to have been removed unfortunately...
  9. k500zm

    Post [OP5T][LATEST 9.0.11] Collection of unbrick tools

    It might actually help if you specify which package you want!
  10. k500zm

    Post [OP5T][LATEST 9.0.11] Collection of unbrick tools

    Hi - I am an experienced android tinkerer of many years but I lost my phone and had to buy another used 5T to replace it. I had set up the original one on 9.09 and had unlocked rooted and put on all sorts of extras - edxposed and magisk with so many tweaks and modifications I knew there was no...
  11. k500zm

    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2021-07-29|Active

    Personally I agree with Arnaud - I like kiwi the way it is at the moment and I would be very happy for it to just be patched to keep it running so that sites all work without crashing. New features being integrated as the open-source is taken up by others and then improved and reintegrated into...
  12. k500zm

    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2021-07-29|Active

    Wow arnaud is back at last ???? Hopefully with news of an update for his app ?
  13. k500zm

    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS 10.0.1 (Android Q 10.0) OTA for OnePlus 5T (dumpling)

    Backup your data completely wipe your phone and start from scratch is the only solution
  14. k500zm

    Thread Dual sim not working - sim 1 always Emergency calls only - Is there a Fix?

    I bought my OP5T used in January - Dual sim is not working and never has - sim 1 always says SIM 1 NOT ALLOWED Emergency calls only and I have tried many different sims from different providers and the result is always the same. I have tried resetting network settings and reflashed the OOS...
  15. k500zm

    Post dancing Android

    HaHaHa - I have never seen that guy !