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    Post Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (SM-T210R) Best Rom

    That reason is because lots of service providers began giving them away as bonus items to boost package sales after the Nexus 7v2 hit the market last year, so now a bunch of poor people have them.....poor people don't do much purchasing of the products advertised here.....
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    Post What does wiping dalvik cache do?

    CM has this new MAJOR stability issue, it seems. The random crashes and reboots will soon combine(if they haven't already)with the deletion of your desktop customizations and your widgets will begin vanishing forever. Not even a full wipe and rebuild will bring them back. Been using AOKP on...
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    Post Windirstat

    I LoL. WinDIRStat is a windows program, originally. I would love to port it to 'Droid....shouldn't be too hard as there exists an Ubuntu Linux version already....anyone got a wrapper? LoL. Again, I LoL.
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    Post What does wiping dalvik cache do?

    Clearing Dalvik Um, that would involve the re- "optimization" process at each boot. Depending on the number of apps you have installed, this process can take an hour. Simply put, the Dalvik cache is where a virtual machine program (like VMware Player, Workstation or Fusion or MSVM) called...