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    Post [ROM][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS 4.2 [11.0][23/02/2021]

    It is a very good ROM, but the following points bothered me. Notification sound does not work sometimes. When using multi-user, notifications that come to another user are not notified by LED. Voip ringtone for another user does not sound when using multi-user. OK Google is not working.
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    Post [ROM][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS 4.2 [11.0][23/02/2021]

    After flashing the ROM, try format data. If that doesn't work, try flashing the ROM and then flashing the"DM-Verity, ForceEncrypt, Disk Quota Disabler" .
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][CEPHEUS] crDroid v7.3 [12.02.2021]

    OK, google is not working. No other problems for me so far. Great ROM!😸 Fingerprint unlocking works properly. Face unlock works fine. Three finger gesture to take a screenshot also works. Thank you, developers.
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    Post Sim not activating

    APN type correct? Try the following default,supl,dun
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    Post Derpfest ROM android 10 discussion, experiences, mods

    The ambient display will not turn off. I can't find anything in the settings to turn it off.
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    Post [SHARED] [ROM] Revolution OS

    Japanese characters are not displayed correctly on the initial setting. I think this problem probably occurs with double byte characters.
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    Post Device died after unlocking the bootloader

    Download FASTBOOT ROM from the official site and unzip it. After charging the phone for a while, press and hold the Power button and Volume +-button for a few seconds. If FAST BOOT starts, flash the unzip FAST BOOT ROM with the following command: Some of the commands may end in an error, but...
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    Post Lineage 16.0 unofficial TESTING

    one giant leap for mankind. :) thank you.
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    Post No Alarm

    It happened in my environment too. I did the following to prevent it. Turn on "Auto start" of clock app setting. Set battery saver in clock app settings to "No restrictions". Turn off Battery & performance "Use Adaptive Battery". Battery & performance - Set Scene - "Sleep mode" off. I use...
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    Post confused, cannot flash TWRP

    I escaped from the FASTBOOT loop by flashing the FASTBOOT ROM using command.:) ROM I used cepheus_global_images_V10.2.6.0.PFAMIX_20190327.0000.00_9.0_global_9cc39b4570.tgz The command I used fastboot flash system system.img fastboot flash boot boot.img fastboot flash recovery recovery.img...
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    Post [solved]mobile data communication NOT avilable

    The cause was the lack of APN type setting. It solved by inputting "default, supl, dun" to APN type.. Thank you so much Powell:laugh:
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    Post [solved]mobile data communication NOT avilable

    already solved. thank you.
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    Post [solved]mobile data communication NOT avilable

    Mi9-twrp-3.3.0-b8-cepheus-wzsx150.img thank you.