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    Post Mirror Purple exterior color in close look

    The purple is nice but not a fan of the black buttons/fingerprint reader. Would have been better if they were matching the colour of the phone.
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    Post Tempered Glass

    I bought the screen protector. It fits perfectly but you need a little patience. There were bubbles when i applied. Takes a little time to get rid of them but afterwards its great. Its also full adhesive.
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    Post Tempered Glass

    Has anyone tried this? Is it full adhesive?
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    Post xperia 1 ii apk Overwrite

    You will need root and unlocked bootloader.
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    Post Wireless Charging

    I just bought this
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    Post Xperia 1 ii - Vodafone?

    The Xperia 1 II is exclusive to O2 at the moment. Not sure when other networks will get it.
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    Thread Wireless Charging

    Is there any good wireless chargers out there that are compatible with the Xperia 1 II.
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    Post Pre-Order!!!

    Apparently O2 have nearly sold out of their initial allocation. Luckily i pre-ordered mine on 4th June from O2.
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    Thread Tempered Glass

    I just pre-ordered this phone and bought this case. Is there any good tempered glass out there? Is it also worth getting a screen protector for the camera as well. I saw this on ebay...
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    Post Android 10 55.1.A.3.49 (new)

    Does this use the google dialler or does it still use the Xperia dialler?
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    Thread Unable to use own ringtones

    Hi, I'm trying to use my own ringtones but i don't see them in the list. The ringtones are in the ringtones folder in the internal storage and are in .ogg format. When I try to add ringtone using the add ringtone function nothing happens and a it creates a duplicate file in the ringtone folder.
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    Thread Songpop

    Does anyone here play songpop? Everytime a song plays the volume keeps jumping up and down. Does anyone who plays songpop experience this? Or do i have a faulty handset.
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    Post Video quality

    Just been to see Metallica. Took this video on my Xperia 1. The sound quality is awful.
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    Post how to flashing xperia 1,newflasher or flashtool doesn't not working on j8110

    Works great but causes bootloop if you want to keep user data.
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    Post Screen Protectors

    Yeah it is.