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    Post [Firmware] Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Pro [WHYRED] [Auto updated daily!]

    Why did you want to downgrade ?? Is the performance of V11.03 better than V12.02 ??? I'm planning to clewan flash the V12.02 and then flash MIUI 12.6 EU ROM
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    Post [ROM][Android12L] Superior OS for whyred [27/06/2022]

    I was already on a different rom. I think derpfest or something...Android 11 based... I dont hv any bootloops ...Its working pretty smoothly .. I think the last MIUI that I was on was MIUI 11 or 10. Didnt do any firmware upgrade
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    Post [ROM][TwelveL]Pixys OS v5.1.1 for whyred[18/04/2022]

    Does carrier video calling work on this ROM ?
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    Post [ROM][Android12L] Superior OS for whyred [27/06/2022]

    Been using this rom for a month now... What is the SOT you guys are getting on this ROM? Also, is native video calling working ?
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL][SHARE] DerpFest AOSIP - By srfarias [23-04-2020]

    Came to this ROM from ion-2.4b. Felt there were few stutters. It was not that smooth as ion. changed the kernel to stormbreaker. Still it was not as fluid. Noticed a battery drain ..Could be because of wallpaper changer. So now back to ion-2.7a But one thing I liked about this ROM ---- Anaheim...
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL] ion-2.6.a [AOSP][20200505]

    Tried that module..Font is not there in that and to install custom font in that is broken right now. Thanks anyway. I had a battery drain in this ROM yesterday with stock kernel, Am using Wallpaper changer...could it be the culprit ? Have switched to extended kernel now. Let me see.
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    Post [ROM][10][OFFICIAL] ion-2.6.a [AOSP][20200505]

    I love this ROM. I had tried this ROM and then went to DerpFest. But DerpFest was giving stutters and also battery was draining. So back to this one. One thing ...How can I install Annaheim font in this ??