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  • I am facing a serious problem on my P3400i.

    I am using deathgames GENERO 3 ROM, but people calling me up are complaining me that my "phone is switched off or out of coverage area" while it is turned on and showing full signal strength.

    After reset phone starts working, but after some time it happens again. I am not using GPRS either.

    Now I am resetting to Original WM6 ROM. Lets see what happen, will tell you.......
    I think problem is either with ROM radio or with device, otherwise sim is working on my Motorola A810. Please help me ............
    hi karan999...
    can you give me some Theme for WM6.1 .you can tell me address of those themes !
    also Please accept my FriendShip request :D
    hi karan i came across your thread about expanding storage card of gene up to 32GB is it true i mean how to do it man i am a novice to this sort of works. actually i don't know to cook ROM also. i am using New GENE please tell me the procedure for expanding the Rom i am using slow connection so i was not able to search in the thread the procedure i will give my mail iD please send me the procedure please tell some info about some tips and tricks about our GENE. My ID is [email protected] OK for now bye.
    hey karan can u upload or give me a sound fille of "htc boot scree"?coz i never heard that of sexy start up sound...plz if u can give me today..coz tommorrow i m going to my study place surat..thanx
    hi karan..this is rohan shah again.....any htc p3400 or p3400i for sale in pune.....if any of ur friend want to sale htc p3400 plz inform me....i m waiting for ur reply....thnx
    hi karan....i m rohan shah from solapur....my gene stuck after booting....i hv upgraded my gene with SumitsProUsersROM_WM6.5_build21815_OldGene_Fixed.e xe.....to upgrade i use temperory cid unlock i.e; jump spl....and now my cid is locked....i.e; securitylevel=FF....i got it from mtty....but 1 thing is good that i can go to bootloader by pressing camera+reset.....plz help me what to do? my gene is not logging in......which rom i can use to get desktop again.....plz help me....thank you....
    my ONBL 1.17.0000
    SPL 1.17.0000
    GSM 02.79.90

    may i know ur mobile no...?plz...
    hey how u have change interface of 6.5 to manilla and how u change boot screen and sound??what i have to do?can u plz tell me?
    thanx a lot..and plz k=let me know how to transfer money to ur acoount?or how can i pay u?
    plz can u send me one?i will give money coz i dont think that it will be in gujrat i ask three places and they reply that it is not in india...what a ****...they even dont know.
    plz can u send me one?i will give money coz i dont think that it will be in gujrat i ask three places and they reply that it is not in india...what a ****...they even dont know.
    Trying out your new ROM on an old Gene.Thanks.
    16GB SDHC ...where can I buy it?Price?Is 32 GB available?
    finally i caught u...how much price of that headphones,....and if m not able to get adapter will u help me to get it?plz im sad without my headphones..no music,,nomovies...plz...
    Hah! Forget it! It wont happen. Gene is a forgotten business for HTC. Touch Series is something they are working on. And they have done this because they know that In India, the low end phone market has a huge potential. Not many people in India will buy a 35K-40K phone like Touch HD, Diamond 2 or Pro 2.
    I think it means that the HTC Touch is now coming with double the memory and double the ROM size and if they haven't increased the price, its a great addition. Makes the phone quiet a worthy one.

    HSDPA, HSUPA, UMTS etc are all names of different 3G or 3.5G technologies. Our gene doesn't have the hardware for it. It requires a 3G hardware radio and atleast a 400MHz processor to process the loads of data that 3G can support.
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