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  • hello, I was reading a post in which you provided a cab to enable the HSDPA for the ATT Tilt 2. I have the Telus equivalent and I tried installling the cab and it did sucessfully, I just cant see anywhere on the phone that HSDPA is enabled. Could you provde a cab to do the same for he Telus touch pro 2? Thanks for your time. Rich
    Hi, Can You Change My Name? To Just: Student
    boa tarde, preciso mudar o idioma do meu htc p 3300 que se encontra em russo, para portugues ou ingles, podes dar uma ajuda? upsbgv
    hi kareem9nba I am Spanish and not speak much English but my question is can be links to other forums thank you a greeting.I have a contribution on my x 1 xperia but i dont no if I put the link from another forum
    Hi, This is regarding my post on "S2U2 V1.52 Lock and Screen Off Problem" I posted again because and I quote from your reply

    "Please post your issue in that thread.

    Thread closed."

    What do you mean by "Please post your issue in that thread"? Which thread? I took it that the request for me was to post in the Blackstone Thread. I am newish here and If I have made a mistake I appoligise.

    I did but forgot to reply back; sorry about that. Just post it in the requests thread and i'll try to get to it as soon as i can.
    Hey bro, what up, hope you are doing well. Did you check my offline message? Hope you would care to consider my request. Let me know if there is some easy way of doing that on my own.Cheers.
    I'll try to help as much as i can. Just be sure you know the basics and read first.
    Hi. Im Oz, and iive been trying to learn how to make my own roms or even kitchens. do you think you could help me? I want to do custom roms for people too(im from Puerto Rico)
    can i suggest a sticked thread with an open pool for the best rom ?
    so we can have a sort of top 10 with the best,fast,stablest rom of the forum ^_^
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