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    Post [APP][MOD][CAST] JioTV MOD with Miracast, Android TV and Firestick Support

    Modded hotstar app isn't working. Please check. TIA
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    Post [ROM][9.0][beryllium] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/12]

    Do we need to flash latest vendor zip and again before installing the updated rom ? TIA
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    Thread How to dirty update a custom rom like pixel experience, lineage os etc.

    Can anyone please guide me, how to dirty flash ota updates of pixel experience? What steps need to be taken and in which order? I flashed the pixel experience first time in the following order 1. ) Unlocked bootloader 2.) installed twrp 3,) Wiped data 4.) Flashed dfe zip 5.)Flashed rom...
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    Post Whats your favorite ROM?

    Pixel Experience. 1. All the apps (Gcam and gapps )already installed (No Hassles). 2. Banking apps work. 3. Battery life decent enough
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    Post Post your home screen
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    Post Post your home screen

    Made using kwgt widgets.
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    Post Post your home screen

    How'd you get the battery percent inside the icon?
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    Thread Where to get official poco f1 skins

    Hello everyone, Where to buy the official poco f1 skins in India announced at the launch event?
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    Post Best Rom for battery life Redmi note 3 pro (snapdragon) ?!

    I am on citrus caf rom. You can try that. Gives me 7-8 hours SOT easily with 2d of standby time.
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    Post Facing severe battery drain

    I flashed citrus and voila battery drain gone. Thanx a ton.
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    Post [ROM] ► [8.1.0] ► [OTA] ► Nitrogen OS Beta

    Facing sever battery drains on 1st June stable build. Please suggest any solution.
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    Post Facing severe battery drain

    Facing this issue in every ROM I flash.