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    Post Accessories S21 Ultra Case Recommendations

    thank u for the link il check em out !
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    Post Accessories S21 Ultra Case Recommendations

    link ? looks good
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    Post How To Guide S21 Ultra Debloat

    thank for the reply , that whole boot up loop is what i wanna avoid lol. theres gotta be some general FAQ about bloatware somewhere aand what is safe to disable and what may cause what if.
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    Post How To Guide S21 Ultra Debloat

    i just purchased it but am scared id disable something and mess **** up. is there a tutorial somewhere where it shows what to disable and what to keep in order to things to run smooth aswell. ty
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    Post Question Camera protection

    i got these and they seem good i also got the neo flex screen protector by spigen which also seems ok but i havent intalled it yet since the one that comes slapped on the phone is nice and clear. i...
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    Post [GUIDE] Activate VoWiFi / WLAN Call

    please i need help after going in debug mode and typing the commands i cant turn my phone back on
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    Post Oxygen OS 11 - No PDC and QPST connection

    i got qpst to work watching a french video but its useless for us in uae we need pdc to connect , simply changing the courier policy wont give us volte or enable 5g. i only had volte and 5g enabled on os 10 when i was able to use pdc . lost it all in beta 1 then beta 2 volte came back...
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    Post Help: PDC not recognizing phone with android 11 beta 1 (OP8 PRO)

    no one has any soloution for unrooted devices unfortunately.
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    Post Will The OnePlus 9 Pro Be A Major Upgrade Over The 8 Pro (Apart From SD 875) ?

    after owning 4 op phones in between other flagships from other companies just for the love of op this op8 pro will be the last i buy from op. even cyanogen dint have this kinda bugs back in the day lol. if this is what they call a stable os moving forward. they are now more concerned about...
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    Post Oneplus 8 Pro VOLTE - Android 11

    ive been trying to ge an to this since beta 1
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    Post Oneplus 8 Pro VOLTE - Android 11

    i did which was annoying and ive been trying every single thing since yesterday and cant get it back, i can get the phone to connect to qpst to change carrier policy but it wont work , i need it to connect to pdc again but thats not happening cause it needs driver upgrade to be recognized and i...
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    thanks i did everything in the video to the last step but still cant enable it through this method. i was wondering since qpst now recognizes the phone why cant pdc recognize it ?
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    Post QPST Does not work on oxygen is 11 pd4

    hi can you please help with this and give us like a mini guide on how to get pdc to work again so we can manually activate volte and 5g thank you
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    Post VoLTE and VoWIFI in Australia

    lol i lost my 5g in return which am ok with honestly, volte is more important to me . i dont think am gonna risk it with beta 3 this time and just wait for the final stable upgrade