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    Post Sync toggle in Notification Panel

    Stock ROM, as stated. I've no interest in changing fonts. If you want to do that kind of thing you need a custom ROM or there might be suitable Magisk modules
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    Post Sony Xperia 5 Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE???

    I have VOLTE (and WiFi calling)... It's a network provision: it's not a phone setting if it's not available from your network.
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    Post Sync toggle in Notification Panel

    Not without a custom ROM, I guess. I've no reason to need a sync toggle, but no doubt you have your reasons. Yes, rooted. Stock ROM. Very happy with it, just waiting for 11 to drop. I expect it to be around December.
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    Post Rooting

    We'll see what happens because, as you make clear when you include experiences, MAV (Mileage Always Varies). ---------- Post added at 05:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 PM ---------- True, but when I tried that after 9's release it wasn't particularly effective or at least not...
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    Post Rooting

    I'll root asap. These days, I use it mainly for effective Adblock. The occasional app goes wonky, but it's a game of cat and mouse with safety-net. YMMV etc
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    Post wifi 6

    WiFi 6 is one of the few things I think lacking in this device (assuming it behaves as expected). Its missing from all of the new products and I think they've missed a trick. More importantly, 5g without w6 breaks any kind of narrative about being up to date and at any forefront.
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    Post Going from Pixel XL to Pixel 5

    Jhanna, just do a simple measurement or read the specs for screen size and dimensions
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    Post Who pre-ordered and what device you coming from? P5 anticipation thread!

    Unsurprisingly, the sage is oos on the UK Gstore. This happens most every cycle with elgoog going all the way back through Nexus, and usually means they can't confirm a delivery date even in pre-order.
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    Post UK Pre-Orders

    Yep, we mean the same Sony ones (apologies, I probably got it wrong). I guess the BOSE will drop heavily in price once a bunch of people get free ones and eBay gets busy with them. I expected the headphone deal to be in-ears with wireless charging, but now I realise that the 4a5g (what a bad...
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    Post Who pre-ordered and what device you coming from? P5 anticipation thread!

    P5 green from Sony Xperia 5/Essential PH1s. I had the P1xl, tried all the others without being sold as each had something egregious, and have had a ridiculous number of different handsets since the N1/HTC Desire days. Edit: 16/10/20 delivery
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    Post Pixel 5 hate thread

    Well done to the OP for this thread. I'll be happily following it and hoping it does as intended.
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    Post Why I'm Thrilled about the Pixel 5

    The form factor is what really sold me. Almost identical to the Essential (RIP)
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    Post UK Pre-Orders

    Yep, ordered as soon as it went live during the event and much earlier than expected. Why? The green looks cool and I am fine with the specs once the battery size was clear. The form factor is exactly what I want (and sooooo very close to the Essential phone) The BOSE headphone deal is almost...
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    Post ph-2 ?

    The PH1 form factor is possibly the closest to perfect in recent years, IMO. Sure, there could be small improvements, but the screen height and width make it a very 'pocketable' handset--not too tall, like the Pixel2/3XL and a slew of other with only marginally more screen estate. The PH2? It...