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    Post Carrier Locked? Sim Locked? UICC Locked? What state is my phone in?

    you probably has nothing to do with your problem but it may be of some help if you contact the guy mentioned in this thread for the LG V20, it's a guy that works for sprint and you can contact him on the Sprint Users forums .. He may be able to help you with the sim unlocking of your phone...
  2. kbrn

    Post Note 9 users, will you be getting the Note 10+?

    Not enough for me to upgrade, the freaking punch hole and the lack of a headphone jack and the heart rate sensor I used to upgrade my devices almost every year or year and a half, smartphones tech has evolved so much that I can't really see the need to upgrade so often..
  3. kbrn

    Post LG V20 LS997 successfully unlocked with Oreo update

    Thanks to the OP I was able to re-unlock my V20.. ? I used my old Sprint community account to reach out to Em_will_i_am and he helped unlock my device.. I had mine unlocked when I paid it off and left sprint avout a year and a half ago.. But I did a Reset and the phone got locked again.. He...
  4. kbrn

    Post [Help] I think I just bricked my Note 9

    well, didn't do much really, as I said on my OP I wasn't able to shut down the phone but I was able to press power/volume down to get it to restart while it turned off for that second I quickly pressed Power/volume down and bixby and then got back in download mode then I did Odin the firmware...
  5. kbrn

    Post [Help] I think I just bricked my Note 9

    I just figured it out and somehow I was able to get it work!! :) thanks a lot now please a mod close the thread or delete it
  6. kbrn

    Thread [Help] I think I just bricked my Note 9

    I have a locked T-Mobile variant of the Note 9, Yesterday I updated to Pie using the method of applying the update file from firmware.science and everything went ok. I didn't like pie after a few hours so I did my research to odin back to Oreo, got a hold of the latest odin build, samsung...
  7. kbrn

    Post Downgrade to android Oreo

    I did updated to Pie yesterday, I have a T-mobile locked variant of the Note 9, Yes the T-mobile update isn't out yet but a user at reddit found a way to do it getting the update from firmware.science. I'm a little concerned that maybe T-mobile won't end up using the N960USQU1CSAA baseband and...
  8. kbrn

    Post My new favorite Note 9 case - Gear4 Battersea

    Nice case.. But I second this opinion... Glossy black cases get so greasy with fingerprints and also show micro scratches very easy..
  9. kbrn

    Post RhinoShield 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Try this one... not as bad for the S-pen https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JH795PN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ---------- Post added at 09:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:31 PM ---------- Link? and also would u please post some pictures of your phone with those...
  10. kbrn

    Post Whitestone Dome for the Note 9 - How is yours holding up?

    I just replaced mine yesterday... First it got a lot of micro scratches and one big scratch, and I baby my phones like no one, hell I clean them every night. Second the delamination on the edges until it drove me crazy, I like my phones looking nice and as pristine as possible. I have to note...
  11. kbrn

    Post SHOW your Keyboard, PLEASE! (on Note9)

    Nothing has worked better for me than SwiftKey since I started using it back when Android was still Eclair and had a Samsung Moment. Even the Beta is solid. I've tried a couple but always come back to SwiftKey.
  12. kbrn

    Post Fonts for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Where do we find this?
  13. kbrn

    Post [LIVE WALLPAPER] Borderlight - edge highlight live wallpaper (Updated 02/24/2019)

    Works beautifully on my note 9.. Great great work!!
  14. kbrn

    Post green code on camera

    The green you see when using manual pro is just a feature that lets you know its focused on that specific area.. It is not a glitch