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  • Well, I have never had to flash one over - only read about it. Check out mobilefiles.com they have more info about this kind of stuff.
    Ok i tried updateing it myself. I tried everythig these guide are telling me. and when i flash to sprint it works and verzion it works. do you have a step by step guide on flashing the htc hero to cricket. is it more i have to to than just change the prl to cricket's.
    thats for the reply. but i have a bunch of crickket prl files and none seem to work. i live in philadelphia by the way. I unlocked my phone and everytim i goto had the prl file and then dail 611 it does nothing. and says Looking for service.
    ok its on its way

    yeah my companies headquarters is in chattanooga and everyone there was complaining about it.
    yeah man not a problem pm me your e-mail and ill get it to you. im running the gumbo kernel do you want that or the stock? and good to see you dug your way out.
    hey man yeah I can get into it not sure why remounts not working for ya what set up are you running right now
    Go To http://geekfor.me/news/sprint_ruu_156/#more-493

    Down at the bottom there is a download link. Make sure you phone has to google branding on the back of it before you try this.

    Plug the phone in to USB, Run the EXE file that you download. This returns the phone to an out of the box state. if you are on a laptop makesure you plug in to power somewhere. If you battery dies durring this, you have a brick.
    Hi, thanks for answering my question abouth the tethering? If you could I need on more answered. I need to know how to unroot the CDMA Hero Sprint. I rooted using adb and have backups, but I know absolutely nothing. I rooted just by following the guide. I getting ready for AT&T to release their first HTC android phone, so I'm going to sell this one. I have researched but can't figure it out. Can you please tell me how to get it back to the way it came out of the box. Your instructions or links would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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