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    Post Ultra thin case

    +1 on the TETDED case. The leather feels good in your hand and looks nice when placed on the table during meetings. Here's the link to the black version:
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    Post [GUIDE] Sideload NOF27B/C on Stock, TWRP, Custom Kernel, Mods, Root - Updated 3/6/17

    Thanks for the guide. Just came across it... I've been downloading the OTA to the phone and Installing from TWRP, rather than sideloading... Any problems with that? Still have to fastboot TWRP.img to install TWRP and SU, but phone seems to have the latest build number.
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    Post Enable Wifi Tethering At&T M9

    Call ATT to turn on the hotspot feature... or root and load up devel edition.
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 93.0 | High Quality & Performance | 7.19.401.30 | 5.0.2

    Thanks badger109 and matanlevanon. I've got an old version of ARHD and have been away from the forums for quite awhile. Looks like we're on the verge of receiving Lollipop on ARHD. While I was about to flash 84.0, it seems I'll probably wait for ARHD 90. To be clear, flashing the...
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    Post [Q] Best Full " Offline " GPS Navigation Software ?

    OsmAnd - used in Thailand, Taiwan and, more recently, through all the stops on a Baltic Cruise (Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Stockholm...). Works great to find where you are and minimal navigation. Based on OpenStreetMaps so always free and usually up to date. Make sure to download the...
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    Post Nillkin case

    There's no magnetic snap, but it lays flat and the screen turns off from the magnet near the spine. I've gotten into the habit of flipping the tablet over so the weight keeps it shut. Or sandwiching it so the cover is clamped shut. Its a nice cover (compared to the Poetic or Moko), and I...
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    Post Nillkin case

    My original case was stitched. There is a magnet that shuts off the screen when the flap is closed. And when the tablet is not in deep sleep, turns on the screen when the cover opens. The manner is small and close to the spine. My v2 came glued and the quality isn't the same. Therefore I...
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    Post SlimPort adapters

    Just wanted to submit a confirmation that both $30 Slimport adapters (TGOM and Analogix SP1003) work with the Nexus 7 2013. I didn't go for the SP1002 with the heftier price tag. No performance difference between the TGOM and Analogix. The latter is smaller, has a glossy finish with the...
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    Post Nillkin case

    Also received my Nilkin V series case (bought on ebay for $14) and it has no magnets... My original Nilikin at least had a magnet to turn off the display and wake on open. I'm thinking the V series I recieved is a knock-off...
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    Post i-Blason 0.24mm 8H Tempered glass screen protector review.

    Have you read the thread? Your answer is in the pictures...
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    Post i-Blason 0.24mm 8H Tempered glass screen protector review.

    What fingerprints? :) Seriously... With fairly clean hands, the screen protector holds up really well to fingerprints and smudges. Of you got sweaty our dirty fingers it's like any other screen protector. Glare is like any piece of glass... Or glossy screen protector. Display holds up...
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    Post i-Blason 0.24mm 8H Tempered glass screen protector review.

    I only use folio cases and never had a problem. It's .24 millimeters... Not inches. :)
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    Post Wireless Chargers

    Orb has rubber silicone rings which is "tacky". Holds the N4's glass back well. May not work as well for N7's rubber back. Saw a add-on device on etsy which sits under the Orb to keep the N7 propped up.
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    Post Nillkin case

    Me too. I've read that the triangle does have magnets... but it sounds like it may not. I've got the similar Poetic case and the magnets are a little too strong... but makes the triangle very sturdy. In any case, I hope to be getting mine any day now...
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    Post [ROM][JB.4.3][TILAPIA][Cyanogenmod_10.2_unofficial][200920]

    Also having problems with auto-rotate. Seems to work after a reset, but eventually is not in NovaLauncher and apps like YouTube, Dolphin...