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  • Thought you did a really good job with HTC Footprint - nice, clean and useful. I'm a bit new to all this myself but was really impressed (for what it's worth)
    I love the job you did with the HTC Footprint port, I used it on my HTC Mogul from sprint with no real issues and I loved having the feature but now I have a Samsung Omnia from Verizon and I wanted to ask before I attempt installation, will the cab work on none HTC units.
    Hi KDKobes,

    I like your work with HTC Footprints for the Touch Pro very much. But what I didn't yet manage to get working is the Google Maps support, installed the Footprints to device and Google Maps (tried vers. 2 and 3) to memory card, and in both combinations (also installing Google before/after Footprints) it did not work.
    Do you have any suggestion?
    I have the german MDA Vario IV branded Touch Pro device, with some modifications to have the black HTC theme.

    And, by the way, are there any plans to incorporate Route66 navigation program to the Footprints? For me the Route66 is perfect.

    All the best for good work and best regards,

    Hi KDKobes,
    I want to put windows live messenger back onto my mobile as i have leons v5 rom thats recently been released and I was wondering if when I install the cab will the hotmail "addon" go into outlook so it will send receive my hotmail emails?
    And also the file in your link "my cab files" named new livesearch is this cab file messenger and the outlook addon??
    any help would be excellent and i didnt want to post it on a forum as its most probably been answered allot and i wasnt sure.
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